Kayla Mueller’s Parents Just Revealed SICK Thing Obama Did To Daughter KILLED By ISIS



President Obama promised to make a financial contribution to a memorial foundation for slain ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller, the White House said today, but a spokesperson couldn’t explain why he hasn’t donated in the 17 months since her parents say he made a heartfelt pledge to them.

Obama spokesperson Josh Earnest said the president “is aware” of the Kayla’s Hands foundation and added, “I would anticipate that they the Obamas would make a financial contribution to continue supporting it.”

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IS AWARE? What in the hell does that mean? Josh Earnest is a pile of sh*t. Just like his master. 


17 months and not a penny? What’s up bro? I know she was white but so was your prostitute mother. 

As usual, Earnest could not say whether the president had promised the Muellers that he would make a donation to the foundation, whose objective is to turn Kayla Mueller’s beliefs into action and “to further her humanitarian efforts both locally and internationally,” as its mission statement says.

Yeah, Obama made the promise you scumbag. He broke it. It’s what he does. It’s just who he is and it’s in his blood. He is a liar. 

“I wasn’t a part of the conversation. Obviously Mr. Mueller and the president were,” Earnest told reporters today.


Oh, you get paid HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to come up with that lame a** comment? 

Seriously, I’m not sure who I hate more- Carney or Earnest.

Both are scumbags.



Kate Bennett at IJ Review has more:

Her father said:

“The president could have been a hero, but he chose not to.”

Mueller was taken captive by ISIS three years ago this month during a short humanitarian trip to Syria with Doctors Without Borders.

While her parents pleaded for her release, even exchanging emails with her captors, the White House demanded they not pay the $6.2 million ransom being requested by ISIS for Kayla’s freedom.

During a visit to console the Marsha and Carl Mueller at the home in Arizona in March of last year, Obama said he would give a donation to her foundation.

But Carl Mueller says he’s still waiting:

“I’m still waiting for that donation, Mr. President … It’s not something I take lightly, talking about our president that way.”

Mueller, speaking to ABC News’ Brian Ross, said he felt compelled to speak out on the 17 months he and his wife have spent waiting for Obama to follow through on his pledge.

The White House confirmed to ABC News that Obama had indeed not made the payment, but said that he “still intends to” do so.

When asked at the White House briefing on Friday, spokesman Josh Earnest said:

“To get in the habit of paying ransom would only make Americans traveling overseas a more appetizing target to criminal or terrorist organizations that are hoping to collect the ransom.”

Pressed on whether Obama is going to donate as he said, Earnest replied:

“The foundation Kayla’s Hand, that’s been established in her memory, is certainly the kind of foundation that the president and first lady have supported in the past, and I would anticipate that they would make a financial contribution to continue supporting it.”

A year and a half after her capture, the Muellers received pictures of the body of their dead daughter. Kayla Mueller was just 24 years old.

How wonderful.

When the issue is about a Muslim, a Police officer, an illegal or a black thug Obama is on it like a fly on sh*t.

Whites? Forget it.

Obama is a Muslim, racist pile of Muslim garbage.


Jack Davis at Western Journalism has more:

Obama could have been a “hero, but he chose not to,” said Mueller.

The Muellers also revealed that a video of their daughter has been released, one that had never been made public.

“I saw how thin she looked but I saw that her eyes were very clear and steady,” said Marsha Mueller. “It broke my heart but I also saw her strength.”

Mueller was working for Doctors Without Borders along with her boyfriend, Omar Alkhani, when they were abducted in Aleppo on Aug. 4, 2013.

Although ISIS demanded ransom, and the Muellers were willing to pay, the government intervened and would not allow the payment, they said.

They also said they were told by other aid groups the government would work to bring their daughter home.

ABC reported that in July 2014 a special forces raid was attempted to rescue Kayla Mueller, but she and her boyfriend had been moved.

Yeah, that’s what happens when you smoke crack and go golfing when you are supposed to be doing what presidents do. But what do you expect from some trash raised in the ghetto and hates America?  Leave A Comment Below And Share With Your Friends And Family!

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