KEEPING UP WITH THE JIHADIS! ISIS Brides Post Pics Of BMWs, Babies, Burkas And Guns!


Lifestyles of the rich and MURDEROUS…

DAILY MAIL – Depraved mothers who gave up their lives in the West to live under the rule of Islamic State terrorists in Syria are taking photographs of their newborn children sleeping alongside handguns and assault rifles in a sickening game of one-upmanship on social media.


Featuring titles such as ‘The Little Terrorist’ and ‘Generation Kilafah’, the chilling images show innocent children being forced to embrace their parents’ extremism in ISIS’ de facto capital Raqqa.

While some shots feature children so young that they are unlikely to be aware of the significance of the photographs, another shows a masked young girl of around three-years-old dressed in full combat gear, carrying an AK47 and raising her index figure to make a well-known jihadi gesture.


The study reveals numerous other images of young children being exploited for shocking photographs that are later posted by their twisted parents on social media.

The majority show young boys and girls dressed in combat clothing and brandishing weapons and are captioned with horrific messages by their parents wishing the children a hasty death.


Others show young boys and girls wearing clothing daubed in the chilling black and white ISIS logo, stating that the children are being ‘raised as lions’ who will one day fight against the West.


The overall effect is to instill fear in the West that even if the current generation of ISIS jihadis are killed, there will still be generation after generation of bloodthirsty, brainwashed terrorists ready to fight and die in order to carry out atrocities against innocent people.

The use of sickening images of gun toting children also allows the often very young militant parents to brag and boast about how ‘hardcore’ they are, distancing themselves from Western ideals of parenthood and encouraging them to take part in a pathetic one-upmanship on social media.

Five star jihad: The ISIS wives study emerged as a Twitter account understood to belong to Zehra Duman posted a series of photographs of jihadist women ‘from Australia and the US’ posing with a BMW M5.



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