WATCH: Kellyanne Conway SMACKS Down Hillary Camp DIRECTLY To Their Faces At College Forum

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Americans are pumped and ready for Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again” and he’s already getting started.  It seems that the Hillary camp just cannot be graceful in their loss and must sling mud at President Elect Trump’s aides instead. The campaign is over, but the shouting is not.


This week at Harvard University  a 2-day conference was held for both 2016 presidential campaign for talking, eating, and drinking away their feelings. Key members of the Trump and Clinton presidential campaigns exchanged sharp words stemming from accusations of racism and claims of cultivating white supremacists. There was a multitude of tense moments during the traditionally cordial and sedate post-election review held at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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“The platform that they gave to white supremacists, to white nationalists, is a very, very important moment in our history,” Hillary campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri told Trump’s team.

The unfounded and clearly untrue accusations prompted a furious response from Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.


She responded with “Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform?”

“You did, Kellyanne. You did,” an emotional Palmieri responded.

The bitterness and resentments of Hillary Clinton’s loss in her bid for the presidency where she and her campaign thought she was a shoo-in was palpable.

The panel was moderated by Mainstream Media “journalists” featured among them BuzzFeed’s Katherine Miller and MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell as well as others. The purpose was to gather six senior members of Team Hillary and six from the Trump camp, have them sit directly across the room facing one another, and have a conversation about the behind-the-scenes moments of the 2016 race, except some people cannot play nicely together it seems.

Instead, the moderators had trouble even keeping the panelists focused on the questions at hand because the Hillary campaign would not stop with the cheap potshots and sniping, putting on full display for the world exactly what sore losers look like during the event.

“I would rather lose than win the way you guys did!” screeched Jennifer Palmieri taking a dig at the Trump team seated a few feet away.

“How exactly did we win, Jenn? How exactly?” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway fired back.

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According to Fox News

At the event, Conway bristled during a question-and-answer period when someone attending the forum noted the Southern Poverty Law Center had collected reports of nearly 1,000 hate-related incidents from almost every state since the election. She said Trump has called for an end to such incidents, and she labeled the far-left center an “anti-Trump group.” 

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook placed the blame for his candidate’s defeat on FBI Director James Comey, who sent letters to Congress in the waning days of the campaign related to his agency’s examination of Clinton’s email accounts. Without those letters, Mook said, Clinton would have won.

He called the focus on Clinton’s emails during the campaign one of the “most over-reported, overhyped, over-litigated stories in the history of American politics.”

Mook also blamed another set of emails for Clinton’s loss, namely the slow release of apparently hacked Democratic messages in the final weeks of the race. 

The U.S. government has said Russia was responsible for hacking at least some of the emails released by WikiLeaks, including those from the private account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

“We cannot have foreign aggressors intervening in our elections,” Mook said.

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Conway was still seething Friday about the events.  In an appearance on Fox & Friends”  on Friday morning after the events, she was asked if the Hillary staffers were “sore losers.”

“I do think some people are stuck in the permanent campaign and not really past the anger, grief, and denial stages and into the acceptance stages,” Conway said. “But that’s okay because we won.”

Yes….yes we did!
God Bless.



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