Watch Senator Kennedy MOP THE FLOOR With Biden Nominee- He FREAKS OUT


One of Americas Freedom Fighters favorite Senators is the great Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana.

He doesn’t whitewash the B.S. the dems put out on a daily basis and he tells it like it is.

Not to mention, he funny as all hell!

He is definitely one of our faves!

The Louisiana Republican absolutely SCHOOLED Biden’s nominee for the U.S. District Court of Colorado.

It was masterful!

Anthony Smith at News Hour First:

Yet again, Joe Biden has nominated a judiciary candidate that has no right sitting on the bench.

And yet again, Senator Kenney (R-LA) was the one to expose how inept this man really is.

The nominee is Kato Crews, a magistrate judge, and I am pretty sure he regrets accepting Biden’s nomination today.

No Idea

So, to be clear, Kennedy does not pick random laws to try to play stump the nominee.

I have watched him quite a bit in committee, and Kennedy always picks legal questions relevant to the types of cases this individual would see if approved.

In this case, it was the Brady motion, which requires prosecutors to present evidence, even if is exculpatory for the defendant.

When Crews was asked about how he would analyze the motion, he responded, “Senator, in my four and a half years on the bench, I don’t believe I’ve had the occasion to address a Brady motion in my career.”

Kennedy pivoted, just asking him to define it, and Crews responded, “In my time on the bench, I’ve not had the occasion to address that, so it’s not coming to mind what a Brady motion is.”

Worthless IDIOT

He later just guessed, thinking it had something to do with the Second Amendment, clearly thinking it was something named after James Brady, Ronald Reagan’s former press secretary that was shot… but he was wrong…


Senator Lee (R-UT) hammered Crews, stating, “I would be hard-pressed to hire a law clerk who couldn’t answer Senator Kennedy’s questions.

“But this administration is willing to sacrifice understanding of fundamental tenets of the law and a basic understanding of the Constitution in exchange for woke identity politics.”

How this man even became a magistrate judge is beyond me, but it will be interesting to see if Democrats rubber stamp Crews like they have done every other Biden nominee.

Thanks but no thanks

Again, Kennedy is spot on and he knows what he’s talking about.

These filthy leftists have absolutely no accomplishments to speak of and when they are in a MASSIVE state of failure including the catastrophic exit from Afghanistan to their complete failure to properly combat the COVID pandemic to opening our borders wide open for illegal aliens to come into our country while making Mexican drug cartels BILLIONAIRES to insisting that violent criminals be let off with no bail and the list goes on and on and on.

This administration has been the worst in the history of America.

What a joke.


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