BREAKING: Kid Rock Just Found Out What Scumbag Rapper EMINEM Said About President Trump…. BOOM


Washed up liberal scumbag rapper Eminem’s pathetic takedown of President Donald Trump in a crappy freestyle rap Tuesday has sparked calls from his loser fans to challenge Trump supporter Kid Rock to a rap battle, or even a run for the U.S. Senate seat in Michigan.

Even thought the two music stars come from the same area outside Detroit, they are completely opposite in their political views.

Kid Rock has a unique sound, blending country, Southern rock and rap like no other. The superstar is also a PATRIOT that loves America and is a huge Trump supporter.

Eminem is a no talent wanna be thug, wife beating pile of liberal garbage.

Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, who has slammed Trump previously in the nine-minute 2016 freestyle “Campaign Speech,” and in Big Sean’s “No Favors,” had criticized Trump supporters in the past, but this time he took it a step further, directly addressing his own fans on the issue.

He made an appearance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards and performed a profanity-laden freestyle rap attacking the president. He rapped how Trump could cause “nuclear holocaust,” called him “orange,” and said racism was the “only good thing he’s good for,” Fox News reports.

“The FULL verse that EVERYBODY is talking about! BODIED THIS!

“We better give Obama props, because what we got in [office] now is a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust,” Eminem rapped. “He’s going to lower our taxes. Then who’s going to pay for his extravagant trips back and forth with his family to his golf resorts and his mansions? Same s— that he tormented Hillary for and he slandered then does it more.”

Hip hop fans quickly drew a contrast between Eminem and Kid Rock, the diehard Trump backer who has floated the idea of running for the U.S. Senate.

In September, Kid Rock delivered a profane speech reportedly attacking former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand during the national anthem.

Kid Rock slammed liberals on his Facebook page:

People! Pay NO attention to the garbage the extreme left is trying to create! (and by the way, fuck the extreme left and the extreme right!)

They are trying to use the old confederate flag BS, etc. to stir the pot, when we all know none of this would be going on if I were not thinking of running for office. Pretty funny how scared I have them all and their only agenda is to try and label people / me racist who do not agree or cower to them!! No one had a word to say when we sold out the 6 shows at LCA back in January! My track record in Detroit and Michigan speaks for itself, and I would dare anyone talking trash to put theirs up against mine. I am also a homeowner and taxpayer in the city of Detroit, so suck on that too!

I am the bona fide KING OF DETROIT LOVE and it makes me smile down deep that you haters know that! Your jealousy is merely a reflection of disgust for your own failures and lack of positive ideas for our city.

I am however very disappointed that none of the people, businesses or charities I have so diligently supported in Detroit have had anything to say about all these unfounded attacks from these handful of jackasses and The Detroit Free Press. So for the unforeseen future I will focus my philanthropy efforts on other organizations besides the ones I have supported in the past. I would however employ that NAN go ahead and make up these losses since they claim to be so good for Detroit and do not want me opening the arena and generating tons of jobs and tax dollars for the city and people I LOVE… IDIOTS! ….. (Has Al Sharpton even paid his back taxes yet?)

P.S. Sam Riddle is a piece of shit criminal and prime example of a lot that is and has been wrong with Detroit. Sam, you suck and you know it! (If anyone does not know who he is, please Google him!)

P.P.S. To be clear – Fuck ANYONE who takes a knee or sits during our national anthem! Pretty sure if Russell Wilson or Tom Brady were doing it they would have no problem finding a job playing for any team they wanted in the NFL! So cut the bullshit!

P.P.P.S. Just saw this latest fake news piece……/kid-rock-gloats-over-sharpton-kids-bust/

The idiot that posted it is such a bad reporter that he/she did not even check to see if this was my Twitter (which it is NOT!) – of course the press will report on everything else I have said here except this fake news. Unreal. (and these are the types of stories that can not be taken back in this day and age because they go viral so quickly and the damage is done before the corrections can be made.)

P.P.P.P.S. On a positive note, I can’t wait to rock everyone’s socks off at LCA the next few weeks! We have been beyond working hard and have something we think all in attendance will enjoy (as long as you don’t mind a few f-bombs here and there! lol).

There is so much to be thankful for and so many positive things going on in and around our city / state that we need not let these handful of jerks sway that in any way.

I know I should probably not even have posted anything about these bottom feeders but I will always stand up for myself, my family, my friends, my fans, my city, my state, my country and the good in human nature!


God bless
-Kid Rock

Fox News reports that just last week, Rock made another political speech during a concert at the Fish Fry festival in Nashville, talking about the Las Vegas massacre and honoring U.S. service members and the American flag.

“It’s just a show of true testimony that – everybody being here and all the love in this place tonight – that nobody’s scared to come out,” Rock said, Rolling Stone magazine reported.

The outspokenness of the two stars, and their common connection to Michigan, has many fans calling for a politically charged rap battle or, less seriously, a showdown in a U.S. Senate race.

Their home turf — Detroit’s suburban Macomb County – is a source of constant fascination for pollsters and pundits trying to take the pulse of white Middle America, Politico reported.

The county is heavily working class and its voters comfortably backed the Democratic Party in the 1960s. But with increasing cultural alienation, the county flipped to being Republicans, giving birth to the “Reagan Democrats” — those who favor the social values of the GOP but prefer Democratic economic policies.

Trump won the county during the 2016 presidential election and carried the state of Michigan.

Loudwire reports that Rock’s campaign has caught the attention of several seasoned politicians. Former New York Governor George Pataki called Rock “exactly the kind of candidate the GOP needs right now,” while former presidential candidate Herman Cain had an opposite reaction, stating that he thought the campaign was “just a joke.” Senator Elizabeth Warren was also quoted in an interview as stating, “Well, maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too. And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too.”

shock poll showed that Ritchie has a huge lead in the Republican primary and is also extremely competitive in relation to the Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow with their numbers showing the pair to be neck-and-neck.

Ritchie announced in a recent statement, “The democrats are ‘shattin’ in their pantaloons right now . . . and right fully so,” per the Daily Caller.

“I am definitely a Republican on fiscal issues and the military, but I lean to the middle on social issues. I am no fan of abortion, but it’s not up to a man to tell a woman what to do. As an ordained minister I don’t look forward to marrying gay people, but I’m not opposed to it,” Rock said.

The singer visited President Donald Trump at the White House in April with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and fellow musician Ted Nugent.

America’s Freedom Fighters are big fans of Kid Rock because he stands strong against the liberalism that is rampant in the entertainment industry and our country and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!

Rock recently posted something on Facebook that really shows what a great man he is as well as how he has a deep respect for America’s heroes- OUR MILITARY MEMBERS!

Kid Rock is known for performing at benefit concerts to support our troops and has worked to raise awareness of veterans issues.

Here’s a few factoids about Kid Rock:

In 2015, the Detroit native once again partnered with Operation Troop Aid,raising over $28,000 for military service men and women. He also sent them about 500 care packages in time for Christmas.

He helped the Detroit Symphony Orchestra raise $1 million. The concert was a benefit to raise money for the orchestra, which was suffering economically as well as from a musician’s strike a couple of years prior. The pairing — Kid Rock and the DSO — was unlikely, but successful. They raised a million bucks that night.

Kid Rock, whose actual name is Robert James Ritchie was born and raised in and around Detroit  just like rock star, hunter, and political activist Ted Nugent!

And, Kid Rock has a BLACK SON! That’s right! He’s half black just like the liberal’s messiah Obama!

This proves that there are some celebrities that aren’t liberal scumbags. We applaud Kid Rock for his patriotism, his desire to bring joy into the lives of our Military service men and women and his commitment to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 

Spread this absolutely everywhere PATRIOTS!

God Bless.

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