BREAKING: Kim Jong Un Has A Button On His Desk He Just Revealed… Leaves World On HIGH ALERT

Kim Jong Un Delivers Annual New Years Address, Offers Threats And False Peace



Kim Jong Un doesn’t seem to understand that oil and water don’t mix.  In a speech where he announced his missiles are armed. aimed. capable and ready to launch for the US Mainland, he also said that tensions on the Korean peninsula are too high.  Quite the incompatible concepts.  The hermit midget has been inciting Americans and South Koreans alike with comments about mass producing nuclear weapons in order to defend his nation from the slightest risk.

Fox News Reports:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un warned in his New Year’s Day address that the rogue nation’s nuclear capabilities are “reality,” not mere threats — and he said he even had a nuclear button on his desk to prove it. “The U.S. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table,” he said during the speech, according to an Associated Press translation. “The entire area of the U.S. mainland is within our nuclear strike range. … The United States can never start a war against me and our country.” He added, “We need to mass-produce nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles and accelerate their deployment.”

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And From Micro Autocrat Himself:


Even though the United States is wielding the nuclear stick and going wild for another war, it will not dare to invade us because we currently have a powerful nuclear deterrent. And when the north and the south are determined, they can surely prevent the outbreak of war and ease tension on the Korean peninsula.

But Don’t Worry, North Korea Wants To Go To The Olympics

Still, Kim Jong Un has been making absurd recommendations about peace and reconciliation in these messages of hatred and threats of war.  It’s a baffling combination.  Take for instance how the dictator suggested that South Korea and North Korea need to get along better and lower the tensions in the area. He even wished his South Korean counterparts good luck with hosting their Olympic games.  Unfortunately, this seems to be because he wants to send an Olympic team:

As for the Winter Olympic Games to be held soon in south Korea, it will serve as a good occasion for demonstrating our nation’s prestige and we earnestly wish the Olympic Games a success. From this point of view we are willing to dispatch our delegation and adopt other necessary measures; with regard to this matter, the authorities of the north and the south may meet together soon. Since we are compatriots of the same blood as south Koreans, it is natural for us to share their pleasure over the auspicious event and help them.

Bipolar speeches of this nature are common from Kim Jong Un so it is hardly surprising to hear him alternate between threats of a nuclear holocaust and well-wishes for his southern “compatriots.”  It’s really an insane situation when you think about it.  Kim is literally the essence of a comic-book madman or a cartoon villain.  He’s so off his rocker it’s impossible to overestimate his insanity.



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