North Korea’s ballistic missile program isn’t as reliable as Kim Jung Un would have us believe, and a new report proves as much.

Over the past year, the rogue regime has launched numerous ICBMs as it continues its pursuit of a missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload across the world. While most of the tests have been considered “successful” – they left the ground, went into space, then landed some distance away – at least one wasn’t, and the results were not good at all.

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According to a report from the Daily Mail, the hermit nation conducted a medium-range missile test earlier this year, and things didn’t exactly go as planned. In fact, the missile’s engine apparently had a failure, and ‘Lil Kim ended up bombing his own nation with it.


You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

From the Daily Mail:

Satellite images show damage caused by a failed test launch that struck Tokchon, a city of 200,000 in the interior of Kim Jong-un’s secretive state, according to a US government official.

The Hwasong KN-17 medium-range rocket was fired from Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province, 40 miles north of Pyongyang on April 28 last year, it is claimed.


But it failed shortly after take-off, the Diplomat reports, before crashing down in the Chongsin-dong area of Tokchon, apparently damaging what looks like an agricultural or industrial building.

The unnamed source pointed out where the rocket had landed and Google Earth images taken on May 18 last year, just weeks after the launch, appear to show damage to a greenhouse-style structure at the same spot.

The official, who is described as having knowledge of North Korea’s weapons programmes, told the Diplomat that the missile’s flight lasted just one minute before suffering engine malfunction and travelling 25 miles northeast before crashing down.

Now that is classic!

Fortunately, no deaths of innocent North Koreans have been reported. However, that could also be because the hermit kingdom was trying to avoid the international embarrassment that would come from the world discovering they bombed themselves.

More from The Week:

While there have been no confirmed reports of deaths in Tokchon as a result of the failed missile test, the images published by The Diplomat seem to show that the missile came perilously close to exploding in more densely inhabited areas, marking the risk of test launches. North Korea has launched two ballistic missiles since August, both of which flew over Japan and landed cleanly in the Pacific Ocean — but one concerning possibility put forward by The Diplomat is that a future missile could explode prematurely over Japan, which would “spark a serious crisis in Northeast Asia.”

President Trump recently tweeted that his “nuclear button” actually works. Once again, it looks like he was right.

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