KKK Goes Toe To Toe With Black Panthers At Confederate Flag Rally… (Video)



The Ku Klux Klan and the New Black Panthers clashed on Saturday at the South Carolina Statehouse, as opposing rallies attracting about 2,000 people at one point led to rock-throwing. Lol throwing rocks…




The KKK were there to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from the Statehouse. The flag was removed as the result of the massacre at a black church in Charleston that claimed the lives of nine people back in June. You see, the Confederate flag magically killed those people.

Okay, here is where we will go a slightly different path than other, larger ‘conservative’ websites. They are bashing the KKK while praising the Black Panthers. I won’t. While I don’t affiliate with or condone any of the extreme racism that the KKK can spew I feel the same about the black racist organizations or any radical group.

Bottom line is- the Blacks were shouting BLACK POWER and KILL WHITEY- that’s okay??? I don’t think so. And the KKK dudes were slamming Blacks with racial slurs as well. Is that okay??? No. But this is all the result of Obama’s divide and conquer strategy. He couldn’t give a rat’s a** about Black Americans. And as far as White Americans go you can forget about it.

The Confederate flag is not about racism. But it has been unfairly assaulted by the left and very effectively I will say. So, people are angry and rightly so. And THAT is what Obama wants.

Here’s some video!



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  1. draysum1234 says:

    The only violent group that were there was the Black Panthers! I have seen many videos of it.

    • Dragonsouls32 says:

      I’m sorry tell me again how the black panthers hung white people for generations…tell me again how the burnt crosses in their yards…right

  2. Robert Johnston says:

    some stupid black person threathen me with the black panthers, i gave him my address on facebook, i have seen one coon. the black think the bp are something, well those idiots better wake up, the king sold the most guns, a all time record for guns sales, u know the fake sandy hook shooting, yep come on over u racist black assholes, still waiting

  3. RGlenCheek says:

    The KKK does not define the Confederate Battle Flag. Those racist fools are clowns used by the establishment to slander people by association, an old old political trick. Screw the KKK, they don’t speak for me and 99.9999% of white Southerners. Most of them are FBI informants anyway lol.

  4. When is enough, enough? (James
    Crosby) 2015

    There is a lot of talk today about
    America’s flags. Here is a little something to
    think about.

    Surrender of the United States of America

    This is not about civil rights. It is about racism and muslim militants
    demanding America’s surrender. (It is about fear, hate, control and


    The Confederate flag then the American
    flag then Re-Writing history.

    (A flag) ie. Your flag(s) represents
    where you are from and who you are,

    (Your Heritage, your history).

    When a country takes down its flag on demand it is an indication of surrender.
    Then the victor raises their flag proclaiming victory and dominance over those
    who surrender. You want that rainbow flag above the counties capitals?

    Are you ready to surrender your country and flag, Constitution and American way
    of life?


    You ready to surrender your
    Constitutional and Bill of Rights and become a slave or member of the
    prevailing government and its laws, etc? (Or) are you ready to become a muslim
    and live under the rule of sharia law?


    Are you ready to take a stand for
    your country and rights as the fore-fathers did?

    Warning to all countries.

    You are being infiltrated and
    attacked from within by radicals.

    Dividing the country racially and
    religiously, recruiting terrorists, instilling fear and making demands are
    tactics and terrorist actions designed to make you fear and give up your

    Building a terrorist army and
    dividing the country racially and religiously are the goals.

    The more you give the more they
    take. The more they take the closer you are to
    losing all your rights and becoming
    a slave to their radical ideals.

    Louis Farrakhan: “White People do not Care about Black People and the American Flag Needs to be Pulled Down”!
    NAACP. Tear down monuments and deface the county destroying its history. And on
    it goes as the radicals destroy history.

    The man is a muslim and a liar. And like his mentor, Obama, He does not care
    for the people at Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, D.C. or untold numbers of
    people killed in meaningless shootings, and riots, (but) he will use these events to promote hate, strife
    and fear dividing the country. (Divide and Conquer)

    He is a race baiter and terrorist looking for useful idiots who will promote his agenda. He will walk out of a
    church measuring his success by the number of people deceived and stirred up.

    Wake up people this is about dividing the country along racial and religious
    lines, Provoking riots, hate fear and
    killing. (Lawlessness) and take over.

    And it will not stop until these people bring down the country forcing sharia law
    and their barbaric way of life onto you and your children.

    The more they grow demographically and politically the more they will force their demands on the country. It is not about flags it is about bringing the country down and forcing you to accept
    their demands and way of life. (It is about controlling you).

    Enough is enough?

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  5. Raphael ben Avraham says:

    They should wipe out the black panthers.

  6. Dragonsouls32 says:

    People need to realize that rasicm didnt just blow up due to obama….Americas been racists….its just in a clearer light now. You’ll are acting like it just popped up during his terms….dumbasses. White people have been hating blacks forever, this isnt news.

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