BREAKING: N. Korea Just Made MASSIVE Threat After What Was Moved Right Off The Coast


KIM Jong-un threatened to reduce a US submarine to an “UNDERWATER GHOST” as tensions between Pyongyang and Washington reach the breaking point.

Yeah, good luck with that you fat little pile of communist crap.

North Korea fired off this useless threat towards the US as its warships are headed towards the Korean peninsula.


Okay, let’s turn that place into a glass parking lot. Enough is enough. I know, some people will die- better them than me.

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The US has sent the USS Carl Vinson aircraft destroyer along with the USS Michigan, a nuclear powered submarine and has set up the THADD system in South Korea.


The United States has also deployed other “strategic assets” to South Korea as part of efforts to stave off provocation from North Korea.

These “strategic assets” include the US B-52, B-2 and B-1B bombers, F-35 fighter jets and aircraft carriers usually housed at American bases in South Korea, Japan or Guam.


In response to the provocation, Pyongyang’s propaganda website Uriminzokkiri published a sinister threat.

“The moment the USS Michigan tries to budge even a little, it will be doomed to face the miserable fate of becoming a underwater ghost without being able to come to the surface.”

“The urgent fielding of the nuclear submarine in the waters off the Korean Peninsula, timed to coincide with the deployment of the super aircraft carrier strike group, is intended to further intensify military threats toward our republic.”

South Korea’s news agency Yonhap also reported on the North’s threats to the West and Trump, Rebecca Flood at Express UK reports.

According to Yonhap, Kim’s media agency warned- “Whether it’s a nuclear aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine, they will be turned into a mass of scrap metal in front of our invincible military power centered on the self-defense nuclear deterrence.”

The relationship between the US and North Korea is deteriorating as president Donald Trump has taken a hardline stance against the secretive regime.

A war of words has escalated between the two nations, with Mr Trump criticizing the despot’s “continued belligerence”.

And he refused to rule out war with the hermit kingdom, saying he preferred a diplomatic solution, but added: “There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely.”

The brutal regime has continually provoked the US by conducting missile launches.

There is growing concern over regime’s nuclear and missile program, with fears it is trying to develop a weapon that can reach the USA.

North Korea test fired another missile over the weekend, in blatant defiance of the US which is trying to slap further sanctions on the country.

Fox News reports that Trump spoke just a day after he and his top national security advisers briefed U.S. lawmakers on the North Korean threat and one day before Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will press the United Nations Security Council on sanctions to further isolate Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs.

The Trump administration on Wednesday declared North Korea “an urgent national security threat and top foreign policy priority.” It said it was focusing on economic and diplomatic pressure, including Chinese cooperation in containing its defiant neighbor and ally, and would remain open to negotiations.

U.S. officials said military strikes remained an option, but played down the prospect, though the administration has sent an aircraft carrier and a nuclear-powered submarine to the region in a show of force.

Any direct U.S. military action would run the risk of massive North Korean retaliation and huge casualties in Japan and South Korea, and among U.S. forces in both countries.


God Bless.

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