HILARIOUS! Lame Stream Media Tries To Hide The Truth About DEMENTED Biden! MUST WATCH-VIDEOS😁

Last month we watched as college football and the national football league kicked off their respective seasons. Normally we don’t cover sports here because we are not a sports news organization. However, these events have become hyper politicized thanks to the scamdemic of covid19 and one malevolent liar known as Anthony Fauci.

So in the spirit of all things politics, we would like to take a deeper dive into the sporting events over the last two months and highlight some amazing moments that we have seen, and maybe some of you have seen as well on various social media sites we all hang out on.


This first video is a great montage of stadiums across this still great country with red blooded Americans who are exercising their free speech in a large venue. These students and or fans, maybe even family members, of the players on the field took front and center in September as they cause a little bit of an uproar in these stands at their respective schools.

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It wasn’t too long ago that universities were the epicenter of free speech, and the exchange of free ideas. These institution’s have been over run now by Marxists Bolsheviks who want nothing more than for America and the entire Western civilization to die a slow miserable death. These people have played the extremely long game by taking over educational institutions, in order to train your children and some even young adults now to buy into their insanity and rhetoric.


This clown seen above, was one of the first out and open American hating people to walk into the spotlight and be embraced by the entire pop culture. Thanks to this bozo, we as a nation had to become reacquainted with an even bigger clown known as Joseph Robinette Biden. The white son of a slave owning family, who can’t keep his hands off children, or his son out of children or crack pipes!

Now this past weekend at what used to be a red blooded American sport that has also been semi ruined by these globalists, a truly amazing event happened that took the social media world by storm. If you happened to see people posting things like “LETS GO BRANDON” or “GO BRANDON”, you might have wondered to yourself, who in the world is Brandon? And why are we all randomly cheering for him? What did he do that was so great that has half my timeline filled with his name?

Well my dearest Patriots, I present to you, LETS GO BRANDON…


Like many of you, I watched this video three or 4 times in a row. Personally I wanted to see if I could tell why the dumb reporter thought she heard something completely different. It begs the question of, did she really hear people in the crowd chanting for Brandon? Or is she like the rest of the clowns in this bizzaro world ignoring the reality in front of her own eyes and ears and telling us it’s raining whilst they are urinating on us?

What ever the case may be, these crowds of people cheering for “Brandon” should continue and grow louder everywhere we go. I hope to see T-shirts, Bumper stickers, coffee mugs and everything you can capitalize on from this great awe inspiring chant.

I’m sure that soon the giant tech overlords will take away on legacy social media our ability to say #LETSGOBRANDON , but who cares, we can all cheer for him on the alternative sites and use this as another way to avoid legacy social media all together.

Last but not least, even in deep blue states where Trump wasn’t allowed to win in, these spirited folks are showing up in mass to cheer on Brandon like in the video shown below. These awesome Americans gathered outside of the New York City department of reeducation building and gave a roaring rendition of cheering on Brandon. (Sarcasm)


Here’s a classic just for fun! 😂


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It’s time to enjoy social media again… without the filthy Communist censorship!


God Bless.

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