BREAKING News From Lara Trump “Take Matters Into Your Own Hands” If Govt. Won’t Do It


Well patriots, we hate to report that the situation at the southern border is in a state of complete chaos.


V.P. Kamala Harris still hasn’t bothered to see the crisis in person and frankly her appearance would result in nothing.

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What’s she going to do?


Magically end the crisis by waving a magic wand?

No, instead of addressing the problem she is working on more important matters like walking in a gay/lesbian/transgender/no gender/all genders pride parade.


After all, that’s so damn important right?

So that’s what she’s doing.

How about Biden?

He’s off at the G7 summit trashing the foreign policies of the best president in our history, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.

Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel has more:

Meanwhile still, the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol, Customs and Border Enforcement, and other DHS agencies charged with securing the border are doing everything but.

That’s because all of the enforcement tools and mechanisms provided them by our former (and still true) president have been taken away from them.

The border wall construction has been stopped.

It’s literally ‘open borders’ and ‘catch-and-release’ all over again along our boundary with Mexico.

And here’s the kicker — the situation is not going to improve.

So, what to do if you’re in a border state or a border community?

Another Trump, Lara, has a great idea and one that should be fully embraced by everyone who is being affected by this lawless irresponsibility.



Lara Trump said in an interview Saturday evening that Americans living along the border may have to “take matters into their own hands” as they remain under siege by illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

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The former presidential daughter-in-law’s comments come as the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border continues, despite claims by the Biden administration that it is working to stem the tide.

“I don’t know what you tell the people who live at the southern border,” she said, calling Biden’s border policies “disgraceful.”

“I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready, and maybe they’re going to have to start taking matters into their hands,” Trump added.

“It should never happen. These people should never make this dangerous journey here. It’s bad for Americans. It’s bad for the migrants. It is bad all around,” she said.

“It must be so insulting to the folks that actually work on the southern border, to our Border Patrol agents, to our ICE agents, to the people whose jobs it has been for so long to deal with this,” Trump, who is married to the former Trump’s son, Eric Trump, continued.

“It’s like they’re being made a mockery of by our very own president and vice president,” Trump added. “Shame on them. It is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful to see.”

She then agreed with Pirro, who said that “the border’s wide open” and “it is the reason — the exact reason” why neither President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the border.

Biden put Harris in charge of the border crisis in March, but she has yet to make an in-person inspection.

“They have just said ‘well, the border’s closed,’ as though that is enough to satisfy Americans, like that is enough to satisfy the people that actually live on the southern border and are dealing with this situation every single day. It is insulting, it is embarrassing,” she told Pirro

Moving to Harris specifically, Trump added, “This is a woman who thinks she can cackle her way out of a tough question. It is absolutely ridiculous. She’s clearly in over her head.”

“She had one job assigned to her — to address the crisis at the southern border,” she added. “Not only has she not addressed it, it has gotten significantly worse.”

“Crossings at our southern border are up 674% this year. This is a woman that needs to get down to the southern border and address this problem. Otherwise, it is going to be a complete and total disaster for the future of America,” she said.

It’s out of control and we can expect absolutely nothing to happen.

These are future Democrat voters – ILLEGAL ONES.

Freaking scumbags.


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