AYFKM!? Biden SHUT DOWN Largest Baby Formula Producer – THIS Is Why There Is A Shortage!


By now you have most likely heard about stores all across America having empty shelves in the baby formula section.

That is a MAJOR problem which of course could have been avoided and demands instant action.

Hell, it took 6 hours to decide to send $40 BILLION MORE to Ukraine.



But when it comes to America’s infants Biden doesn’t give a crap.

BTW Biden DOES care about ILLEGAL ALIEN infants and has shipped a ton of pallets of baby formula to the border.

Okay, it took 6 freaking hours to give Ukraine $40 BILLION but check this out from The House Energy and Commerce Committee:


Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) announced today that the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee will hold a hearing on Wednesday, May 25, on infant formula shortages.

“The nationwide infant formula shortages are increasingly alarming and demand Congress’ immediate attention,” Pallone said. “Ensuring the safety and well-being of our nation’s children, including safe and nutritious formula, is one of our most important collective responsibilities. I commend the Biden Administration and the Food and Drug Administration’s recent actions to increase supply of infant formula and stand ready to work together until this shortage is resolved. The focus of this hearing will be on better understanding the causes of the shortage, what has been done to increase production and supply thus far, and what more still needs to be done to ensure access to safe formula across the nation.”

Additional details will be announced the week before the hearing.


“Baby formula supplies have dipped below 50% in a handful of states so naturally, as the crisis worsens without an immediate solution in sight, Democrats will take a look at it…in two weeks,” Townhall.com Managing Editor Spencer Brown tweeted, adding, “E&C Chair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) said the ‘nationwide infant formula shortages are increasingly alarming and demand Congress’ immediate attention,’ and then scheduled a hearing — not actual action — for May 25th.”

I mean what’s the hurry right?


Have you ever wondered why we have such a shortage of baby formula? If you are looking for something complex and difficult to understand, you will be very disappointed, because the answer is quite simple. Joe Biden and his cronies. They shut down the largest manufacturer of baby formula in the United States for three months. You may not know the name Abbott, but you probably do know the name Similac, which Abbott manufactures.

The NRCC shares this:

NRCC Comment: “Before Joe Biden and Democrats took control of our government, it would have been unthinkable that parents would not be able to find baby formula to feed their children. Democrats’ stunning incompetence and mismanagement of the economy knows no bounds.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg

In February, the FDA put out a warning on Similac products made in their huge Michigan plant. It seems that four infants got sick and two died. It was believed that it was caused by Similac baby formula made at the Michigan plant. The FDA shut down the plant and Abbott recalled the formula. So far, it was reasonable. However, after checking out the plant, they could find no bacterial strain that matched the ones found in the four infants.

In fact, the autopsies of the two babies that died revealed they died from different problems. The FDA told this to NBC a month ago, but the plant is still closed and the FDA says they are still investigating. Now, it’s not so reasonable. They went over the factory with a fine-toothed comb and found nothing and in the second place, considering their huge market share, if there was a problem with the formula, you would expect more than four babies to get sick.

Abbott Labs shared the following as reported at the Detroit Free Press:

An Abbott press release stated the February voluntary recall involved four complaints of Cronobacter sakazakii — a common environmental bacteria — in infants who consumed infant formula produced at the Sturgis plant. Two infants became sick and two died.

“The facts about what was learned about the cases of Cronobacter have not been widely communicated,” the release stated. “After a thorough review of all available data, there is no evidence to link our formulas to these infant illnesses.”

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The company stated:

Abbott conducts microbiological testing on products prior to distribution and no Abbott formula distributed to consumers tested positive for Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella.

All finished product testing by Abbott and the FDA during inspection of the facility came back negative for Cronobacter and/or Salmonella. No Salmonella was found at the Sturgis facility.

The Cronobacter sakazakii that was found in environmental testing during the investigation was in non-product contact areas of the facility and has not been linked to any known infant illness. Specifically: Genetic sequencing on the two available samples from ill infants did not match strains of Cronobacter in our plant. Samples from ill infants did not match each other, meaning there was no connection between the two cases.

In all four cases, the state, FDA, and/or CDC tested samples of the Abbott formula that was used by the child. In all four cases, all unopened containers tested negative.

Open containers from the homes of the infants were also tested in three of the four cases; two of the three tested negative. The one positive was from an open container from the home of the infant, and it tested positive for two different strains of Cronobacter sakazakii, one of which matched the strain that caused the infant’s infection, and the other matched a strain found on a bottle of distilled water in the home used to mix the formula. Again, neither strain matched strains found in our plant.

The infants consumed four different types of our formula made over the course of nearly a year and the illnesses took place over several months in three different states.

The FDA completed their inspection way back in the end of March and they found nothing. Here it is six months later and they are still keeping the plant shut. How many babies will die because of the plant closure? I’m guessing quite a few. This is the Biden administration at work.

We are told that another inspection is needed but the FDA will not even respond to the company’s requests.

This is totally outrageous.






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