EPIC: Meet The LARGEST Black Trump Supporting Group In America- MEDIA WILL NOT REPORT THIS


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The Trump Voters The Newsreels “Forgot” To Mention

They exist. They love capitalism so they believe in the individual and they don’t portray themselves as victims to achieve a short-term gain. Most of them voted for Trump. They’ve embraced Nationalism, but if they aren’t calling themselves Nationalists, they’re putting America First like one would. These are wholesome people, good Americans, believers in the republic, and tuned in to politics on every level. They’re the betting man’s champion of the black community–that’s right, they have melanin–and most of America hasn’t heard a word about them. The powers that inform aren’t so interested in informing the nation about these men and women. Their leadership numbers in the hundreds, their movement in the tens of thousands and growing daily. They’re decidedly right-wing, and that doesn’t support the narrative the media gate-keepers keep trying to push.  But Americans–all Americans–should know about them because there’s a lesson to be learned.

They Call Themselves Hoteps

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These Hoteps, as they call themselves, don’t care who knows about them. And why should they? They’re too busy going about their lives, supporting each other, and becoming strong individuals–they remind one another that this is how communities prosper.  They don’t believe that playing the perpetual victim is the path to success. They’re not asking for a handout and they they don’t want one.  They want to see black communities prosper, black businesses grow, and they want to see urban crime drop.  Should they really be making time for some white liberal with a social justice degree to come tell them that they are internalizing their racism?  Is it worth their time to be told by a liberal of any skin color, even in the nicest of terms, that they are somehow brainwashed?  The reality is these liberals are just dressing up the label “Uncle Tom” in a hardly disguised fashion.  Hoteps don’t have time to entertain that nonsense.

But it also makes outreach a bit difficult. Unfortunately, rather than even trying, some liberal journalists have gone ahead and made assumptions about these right-wing Americans. Here’s a prominent Hotep, Uncle Hotep, dissecting a recent hit piece:


It’s safe to say that Hoteps have their work cut out for them.  Beyonce Twitter (the term Hoteps give to the segment of black Twitter obsessed with being a victim and tweeting ridiculous things like #OscarsSoWhite) just doesn’t want to wake up to the reality that individualism is the sole path to success.

Now, of course the first thing an unsuspecting person will do when they run across the term Hotep is plug it into google. One problem:

What Do Hoteps Believe?

When asked if they had a message for white people, one Hotep responded that he had none–when he was asked if he had a message for all Americans, Ali Shakur, responded that they should “live in love.” Hoteps have a lesson for everyone, like Donald Trump, they think big. Like the President they support, they are builders.  What the Hoteps believe is a difficult topic to cover in a primer like this.  They want the wall, they want black men and women to own businesses, and they want crime to drop in black communities.  But it’s much more than that.  They worry about the impact that pop-culture and commercialism have had on their people and are horrified at the erosion of the nuclear family.  They want little black boys and girls to grow up in homes with two parents which is a pretty admirable concern.  It’s also a concern that is constantly falsely represented by the liberal left as some form of homophobia or misogyny.  Hoteps don’t hate gay people and they don’t hate women.

At some future juncture, it isn’t crazy to imagine that the Hotep movement might find disagreement with some other segment within the coalition of Right wing ideologies.  But if it is even noticed, that disagreement couldn’t possibly be focused on by the Hoteps or the rest of the Right.  Why?  Because the Hoteps have no interest in forcing others to conform to their way.  There won’t be protests in the streets, ambulances won’t be blocked as they rush to save lives, and black neighborhoods won’t burn.  Hoteps, like most members of the Right, are individuals.  Individuals do not lose their minds when they encounter dissent.  They consider it and if they decide they do not concur, they continue living their lives.

If you’d like to know more, go to the source:

Uncle Hotep

Ali Shakur

Magnificent Bastard

If The “Whole World Is Watching,” They Haven’t Started Paying Attention.

There are elements–deeply-rooted elements fundamental to the movement–that can only be described as identity politics.  But this isn’t the version of identity politics that Black Lives Matters force-feeds as they mindlessly chant the “whole world that is watching.”  Hoteps are merely self-aware. One Hotep, going by the radio name Tcat, describes the difference in the two forms of identity politics by using the example of the Superbowl: black liberals, he reasoned, try to make everything about their movement as an “us vs them” discussion.  Since, the chosen candidate of BLM lost the election and Tom Brady was friends with the victor, all the liberal blacks had to support Matt Ryan.  

If it is at all unclear, Hotep and Black Lives Matter don’t really see eye-to-eye on anything. That’s Why Liberals Fear, Defame, And Ignore Them.  That’s Why The Rest Of Us Need To Acknowledge Them.

If there’s any luck in this world, if there’s any Providence, if there’s any integrity — then perhaps these years will make their mark in the eyes of future historians.  Perhaps this empowering awakening some are feeling will be verified by the inheritors of mankind’s legacy.  When the tranquility of what has yet to come affords these future Americans the peace required to study these choices without the same partisans motivation that drive the current news cycle they will see us for who we are. This is still a movement, however, and movements act in the present and respond to dynamics of today.  There is a lot of work to be done.

Outsiders have already begun to refer to these days as the reign of the counterculture. They aren’t entirely wrong, but from their insulated vantage point, so deeply rooted in status quo, they lack perspective.  They grasp fruitlessly at this movement, trying to hold it so that they might confine it. They try to substantiate it on their terms, using their lexicon, and bounded by their ideological framework.  But this movement transcends any boundary academia might set for it.  It is wild. It is proud. It is angry. And it is most certainly vindicated in its approach to life.

And what is that approach to life? It’s one that takes an honest and fearless inventory of human nature, acknowledges the motivations behind it, and focuses on building.  There is no room for blaming.  There aren’t any color barriers or class barriers.  There are certainly subsets of cultures within the greater coalition.  Though they are distinct, these groups hold common values, they share a strong work ethic, and they encourage the growth of the individual.  They understand that to raise a village it takes strong individuals and that to raise a strong individual the village must allow him to learn from his failures and be held accountable.

They want individuals to associate freely on their own terms.  They want peace, not war.  They just don’t want to be forced into the melting pot, they don’t want their culture to flail and burn into some disfigured mass, some relic of a bygone era, hollowed-out and ornamented with some trinkets.  They want to be proud and to that end, they are rigidly unwilling to make certain sacrifices when it comes to who they choose to be but are wholeheartedly willing to make sacrifices when it comes to making America great. We are the forgotten men and women of America. Some of us are white. Some of are Hotep. We all want this country to succeed.

This movement won’t be found in the canonical ghost of yesteryear and no attempt at defaming it as Hitler’s heir will cause it to falter.  This is a movement that is understood through a lived experience and while so much is revealed by climbing the steps of the ivory tower even more is revealed when while making the descent back to reality.  So join us, liberals, and grab a coat.  If we can reform America you can reform your mindset. We have no room for illegals, but we have plenty of room for you. Otherwise, we don’t need you, so go ahead and align yourself with this side:


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