Unbelievable! Liberal Lawmaker Thinks Investigating The Clintons Helps Russia… WTF? [WATCH]


Investigations into the Clintons criminal dealings be it Hillary’s emails or the Uranium One scandal should cease, as it merely helps the Russians in creating “further discord” in America….at least that is according to one liberal lawmaker.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-D) his take on Republicans taking steps to reopen investigations into Bill and Hillary’s nefarious activities while at the same time rumors were abound that special counsel Robert Mueller is preparing to issue more indictments on the Russia investigation.


Swalwell responded with this –

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“Well it helps the Russians because the Russians like to see further discord in our country, and if we’re not doing all we can to make sure that we’re not going to prevent a future attack, and we’re going back in time and reopening, you know, cases around emails or uranium deals, that disunity allows them to attack us again.”


Swalwell went on to propose that in order to “fix the mess that we’re in” there needs to be an independent bipartisan commission in conjunction with pursuing the Russian meddling and collusion investigation in the House Intelligence Committee. He then went on to state that what he feels Americans truly care about is not Russian collusion, or Hillary’s emails, or Uranium One and getting to the bottom of all of this corruption.  No, instead Swalwell feels that what Americans care about most is “the freedom to choose in our democracy,” and this makes a good case for the Democrats to win back the majority in 2018.

Do these people even hear America? Do they even understand why they lost the majority in the first place? No, it is very clear they do not. They have still have no comprehension of the level of disgust and contempt that the average American feels for Washington in general.


It seems all Swalwell wants to do is minimize his party’s involvement in this debacle and cease the uncovering of any other criminal activity by those currently in Washington to avoid that costing him his seat in the House come election time.

I mean why on earth would America want to know about Hillary’s time as Secretary of State when she approved the sale of a Canadian mining company known as Uranium One by the Russian owned corporation known as Rosatom? Where during the Obama administration, the Russians ultimately took over the company in 2013 after becoming the majority shareholder after 2009, therefore giving Russia control of the company’s U.S. mining sites as well as giving them 20% control of our uranium supply.

A sale that dealt directly with American national security, and therefore needed approval by the Council on Foreign Investment.  Given that Hillary herself was the top diplomat at the time was principal on this committee and therefore her approval was necessary.  Swalwell does not find it at all suspect that during this very same time Bill received a check for $500,000 for a speech to a bank selling of all things – Uranium One stock. Or what about the millions the Clinton Foundation received from then-chairman of Uranium One, Ian Telfer, from his “charitable organization?”  It was clear that both the Obama administration and the FBI were fully aware that the Russians were bribing their way through the deal, yet they ignored it and did nothing.

Oh and just who was the FBI director at the time? Why it was none other than special counsel Robert Mueller himself!  But somehow Swalwell does not think any of this is important to understand or investigate…..because it helps the Russians.  It seems to me the only thing helping the Russians is continuing to keep silent in the face of just blatant corruption. I think many Americans agree.

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