Lawmaker In This State Proposes Bill To PUNISH Any Company That Do THIS For President Trump


In an effort to show that leftists will literally stop at nothing to subvert President Trump’s administration and America be damned in the process, San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen introduced legislation that would bar any company contracting to build the border wall from bidding on future San Francisco city contracts.  A wall that a great deal of Americans actually support and one of President Donald Trump signature campaign promises.

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This essentially forces major U.S. contractors to choose between building a border wall with Mexico in a federal government project or risk losing out on construction projects from municipal governments.

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Ronen claims doing business with such companies would be out of line with the city’s values, according to local San Francisco news affiliate – KTVU.



Ronen states – “Stick to building bridges, not walls.”

A large news conference was held outside the offices of the international construction giant T.Y. Lin presided over by Ronen, Oakland City Councilman Abel Guillen, and Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin. T.Y. Lin expressed interest in building the border wall proposed for the U.S.-Mexico border.


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T.Y. Lin has done a lot of infrastructure work in California – a state that desperately NEEDS infrastructure, yet chooses to spend its tax money on housing, educating, and supporting illegals, a train to nowhere and other various vanity projects of Gov. Jerry Brown.  T.Y. Lin has worked on the replacement of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, as well as the seismic retrofitting of five underground BART stations in San Francisco and Oakland.

Hensel Phelps Construction Co. and the Tutor Perini Corporation have also been targeted by Ronen as companies also interested in working on the border wall.  Both companies have several contracts in San Francisco. Hensel Phelps signed a $1.1 billion contract to help build a new terminal at San Francisco International Airport according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Tutor Perini has an existing $860 million contract with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to help construct a subway. The bill is currently written that it will only affect future deals.

Ronen stated –

By introducing this legislation, we are moving beyond symbolic protest and making it clear to companies interested in doing business with San Francisco, that we expect those companies to uphold basic principles of compassion and dedication to human rights.

Ronen’s bill has received strong support from San Francisco City Hall, according to KTVU.

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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee states –

That wall is such a strong symbolism of division in our country that we don’t want to have anything to do with it including contractors that want to work for the city.”

Personally, as an American taxpayer and someone that is firmly AGAINST illegal immigration, I am left wondering just what right California feels that it has to dictate what the rest of America wants?  I know they get away with bullying the rest of California but the rest of America?  No, I don’t think so.  Perhaps stick to resolving your OWN issues, you know with highways that collapse, sink holes, crumbling infrastructure like the Oroville dam and others, rolling blackouts, rampant corruption, and plenty of other things.  I think you have enough to worry about within your own state without dictating to the rest of America your own failed policies.

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