Lawmaker Says Gay Couples Make Better Parents Than Straight Couples And Wants Kids Transferred To Gay Parents….


Straight Couples Shouldn’t Have Children…According To Israel’s Very Own Psychopathic Lawmaker

“White genocide is fake,” said the liberal. Then she proceeded to talk about how the nuclear family is a threat and that “the core family as we know it, unfortunately, is the least safe place for children.” That was Israeli lawmaker Merav Michaeli speaking to an Australian TV panel and while she didn’t mention white genocide she did say the second part.  She hates families.  Michaeli is a member of the Knesset (MK), the main lawmaking body in Israel.  Apparently, she thinks it would be best if straight parents were some sort of breeding couple that popped out babies for gay couples to rear and raise.

She was, thankfully, attacked by her Israeli peers who were shocked by such an absurd statement.  Spoken plainly, Michaeli was somehow arguing for homosexual supremacy and validating Gay Marriage over hetero-couplings.  How bizarre!

To think that for thousands of years men and women have got it all wrong and this oracle of Israeli truth has descended from the heavens to set things straight.  Or, perhaps, she’s just another nutty liberal unable to come to grips with the very framework of society that enabled her lunacy.

Thankfully, even some of the most left-wing Jewish publications in the Levant are attacking her for her attempts to destroy the nuclear family.  All hope is not yet lost! Haaretz, one such lefty enclave, had this to say:

“The data” is what led Michaeli to her conclusions. These are “the data [that] speak about every fifth child that goes to some kind of abuse – sexual, physical, emotional.” One should have seen the astonished faces of the other panel members upon hearing her words. Every normal parent in the world who has not caught the semantic disease afflicting Michaeli and her ilk understands that the “data” she possesses is not worth the paper it’s written on, regardless of its scientific validity. 

Michaeli was politely and softly rebuffed by her peers on the panel but somehow their counter arguments didn’t stick.  She sat there with an obnoxious look of contempt as if she was scrutinizing some lowly, uncivilized lifeform, alien to her in every way.  She proceeded to inform them that they were ignorant and set in their ways despite there being a better, more hygienic option.

Her goal is to “break apart” the belief that marriage and parenthood are connected – naturally what the world has been crying for is more single mothers.  According to her destructive form of feminism (is there another form these days?) gay marriage is the way to do it.

Even the lefty Haaretz was shocked at her response for how the children would be raised:

In an ideal egalitarian society men will fraternize with men and women with women. And what about children? “The person who takes responsibility for the child – and someone must take responsibility for the child – needs to be obligated for certain criteria that the state should actually decide on.” The state? “No! What do you mean the state? It’s us coming together in a democracy, we all decide what it means to be a good parent,” explained Michaeli.

Naturally, we’re completely disturbed by this proclamation from an elected official.  But it does leave one idea on our minds: what is going on in Israel and how can we export it to other Middle Eastern countries? Surely, if we can convince every other Arab nation to go gay for justice we could settle every conflict in a single generation…there wouldn’t be any population left to fight, after all!

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