Lawmakers Doing What Obama WON’T… Demanding IRAN Release US Marine From Prison



Sergeant Amir Hekmati, United States Marine Corps, has been held captive in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison since 2011. He has been accused of espionage. Obama has done absolutely nothing to bring this Marine home- NOTHING!

But there is some good news for Sgt. Hekmati. There are over 150 lawmakers fighting for his release.

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) is leading the fight for his release, saying that the U.S. cannot let his case “just fade.”

Politico reports:

As international negotiators hammer out a nuclear nonproliferation pact with Iran — and after lawmakers recently gave themselves the power to accept or reject any final deal — Kildee says now is the time to shine a spotlight on Tehran’s ugly behavior.

“We cannot let his case just fade, [or allow] his situation to become an asterisk in an otherwise really interesting and dynamic time in terms of the relationship between Iran and the rest of the world. I do not want to see this case just fade away,” Kildee said during a recent interview in his Capitol Hill office. “It’s really important that we seize upon the moment where the world is watching Iran to call attention to these cases.”

While the fate of the American prisoners isn’t directly tied to the high-stakes nuclear nonproliferation talks, Kildee wants members in both parties to carefully weigh Tehran’s behavior when they decide whether to accept or reject any deal that lifts sanctions against Iran in exchange for curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Administration and international negotiators are racing to finalize the nuclear accord by the end of June.

This makes perfect sense to me. And one has to wonder why Obama has done nothing to get this Marine out of that hell hole yet he bent over backwards to get a fricking deserter, Bowe Bergdahl back.

Hekmati was arrested in 2011 when he traveled to Iran to visit his grandmother. The Iranians accused him of espionage and said he admitted to trying to establish a CIA stronghold — a charge his family and the U.S. government have staunchly denied. Hekmati served in the Marine Corps in Iraq and later worked for the Department of Defense.


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