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Liberal lawmakers in Montana have officially went off the deep end, potentially putting their constituents in grave danger. Democrats have opposed a bill banning the use of Sharia Law in its state courts on the grounds that they believe such legislation would target Muslims.

Senate Bill 97 was introduced and presented by Rep.  Keith Regier (R-Kalispell).  The bill passed on party lines by 56-44, however, Democrats claimed it was designed to target Muslim communities.

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Rep. Shane Morigeau, D-Missoula, stated during the debate on the bill –

I think it sends a dangerous message to minority groups both here living in our state and wanting to come visit our state, just merely on the fact that you may be different. I truly believe this law is repugnant. I believe this is not who we are as Montanans.”

In an effort to show that Montana is not “Islamophobic,” Rep. Ellie Hill Smith (D-Missoula) proposed an amendment to the bill that proposed to ban both Sharia Law and the Law of Moses.  This was all in an effort to pander to the Muslim community in efforts to “show the state of Montana that it is not just about Islamic Law.” The amendment ultimately failed.

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Smith claimed the bill was “peppered with anti-Muslim bigotry.” She stated, “The courts have said that laws that single out certain religions violate the First Amendment.” Yet another Democrat, Rep. Laurie Bishop (D-Livingston) called on Montana legislators to “not to forget the roots of this bill,” adding the caveat that “our children are watching.”

In a lone voice of reason Rep. Brad Tschida (R-Missoula) presented the case that the bill was an attempt to push back against both state and US “constitution that is constantly under assault.” It is now up to Gov. Steve Bullock (D).  The bill has been presented to him for signature or veto.

Bills outlawing Sharia law specifically have passed in several states already, stating the system of governance utilized by many Muslim-dominated countries is not, nor will it ever be compatible with the Constitution and our way of life. Among those states that have outlawed Sharia are – North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

God Bless.

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