Lawmakers In THIS State Are Putting Trump’s FAMILY In IMMEDIATE Danger… This Is SICK

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NY lawmakers: Trump should pay for his own security


Donald and Melania Trump are like many other parents when it comes to their 10-year-old son, Barron.  They want what’s best for him and they try their best to make any sort of transition as smooth as possible.  As many parents do when a job forces one parent to move, one parent will go ahead and move and the other parent will stay behind with the children to allow them to finish the school year.  Such is the arrangement that the Trumps have made with Melania staying with Barron in New York City until spring of 2017 when the school year is over and President-Elect Trump going on ahead to Washington to take on the responsibilities of running the country after his January 20th inauguration.

Except many Democrats do not care about uprooting a 10-year-old child from his school or any efforts to maintain normalcy for a child thrown into public life, not of his own choosing.  Instead, they are saying if President-Elect Trump wants to leave his wife and child behind in New York? Well, then he can pay for his own security. Nevermind, these same people had NO PROBLEM whatsoever funding the Obamas numerous vacations jet-setting across the globe or Obama’s many golf games or flying the family dog on his own plane. Instead, these men think it’s appropriate to allow a woman and a child to be made a target by any crazy around.

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is actually going so far as to demand the Obama regime to reimburse New York for $35 million for Trump’s security costs through Inauguration Day on January 20th. De Blasio has specifically requested House and Senate leaders to include the funds in an upcoming government spending bill expected to be considered in Congress this week.

CNN has made wild claims that it is costing New York City over $1 million per day to protect the Trump family currently.  I guess that’s that Common Core math?  Using de Blasio’s own numbers the cost is actually closer to about $500,000 per day and the costs will continue after President-Elect Trump takes office. New York Democratic Reps. Nydia Velazquez, Grace Meng, Jerry Nadler, Yvette Clarke, Jose Serrano and Hakeem Jeffries who spearheaded a letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, complained that local funds were being used for Trump’s security costs instead of local public policy priorities like affordable housing or infrastructure. Once Trump is inaugurated they propose that New York refuse to pay any additional security costs.

Apparently, the welfare and safety of a child aren’t a consideration for these Democratic lawmakers. In their vindictive efforts to get even with Trump for the audacity of winning the 2016 Presidential Election against Hillary Clinton, they are willing to sacrifice the safety and care of the Trump family in order to do so making up some hairbrained notion that it’s because the Trump family has chosen to maintain two permanent residence.  Except Trump isn’t even taking a salary and they clearly have no problem financing their preferences to do as they please.  The hypocrisy is truly astounding. These people are despicable. One wonders how they sleep at night.

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