BREAKING: Lawmakers Hit Stein With Horrible News, Make Move To Confiscate ALL…

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Many Americans are outraged by Green Party loser, Jill Stein’s pathetic attempt to make money off of traumatized Hilary supporters by soliciting money in the name of calling for useless recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin- all states that Trump won. 

These recounts cost taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars! And now, some lawmakers are trying to pass legislation to put a stop to this insanity.

Detroit Free Press reports that Statewide candidates who lose their election bids — like Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein — by more than 5% would have to pick up the entire cost of the recount under a bill that passed out of the House Elections committee Tuesday.

Under current state law, candidates who lose their race by greater than 0.5% pay $125 per precinct for the recount. In Stein’s case, that translated into a check to the state for Close to $1 million while Michigan taxpayers paid about $4 million!

What a waste of time, money and resources.

Conservative Tribune reports that the current bill would retroactively take effect back to January 1, 2016. That means that much of Stein’s $7 million war chest would essentially be confiscated by the state due to the recount efforts.

Some lawmakers have objected to that portion of the bill, and it was unclear whether it would survive after a Michigan judge effectively ended the recount efforts in the state.

This bill would help stop people like Stein from taking advantage of the taxpayers again — and it would ensure that only die-hard liberal supporters of Stein (or some other candidate) would actually fork over the money to help with the recount.

Having the ability to request a recount is an important part of our democracy, but people like Stein are just looking to abuse the system to make a name for themselves — they don’t care what it costs the taxpayers.

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