BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Protest Leads To Chants That Should Put Every Single One Of Them In Prison For Saying THIS

Black Lives Matter At “Protest” On Microphone Asks Crowd “How Long Before People Are Really Ready To Get Blood On Their Hands”

Ah, remember the good ole’ days when people, regardless of color, if they attempted to incite a riot and violence, they would actually be arrested?


Now if a white person had stated the same things that this 21-year-old black male said, all hell would break lose, cats and dogs would fall from the skies, martial law coast-to-coast and the great round up of 2021 would begin, but hey, it’s ok but he is considered a person  of “color” where as “white” has somehow been erased as a color.

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When the hell are people going to stop falling for the indoctrination of hate and start seeing we are in this together?


An activist speaking at Black Lives Matter Plaza asked how long before “people are really ready to get blood on their hands” to make change happen. His call to action came during a “Jail Killer Cops” rally in Washington, DC, on Friday evening, Breitbart reports. 

“Voting is not gonna bring us this (change),” Rahim B., a 21-year-old activist, said during a “Jail Killer Cops” rally held Friday night in the nation’s capital. “We voted in the new president, Joe Biden, but I told folks straight up — Joe Biden ain’t gonna do nothing for us because Joe Biden was in office as the vice-president when the Black Lives Matter movement started and ain’t nothing changed.”


“We’ve been protesting for a really long time,” Rahim continued. “How much longer can we protest and march in the streets before we are ready, really ready, to get blood on their hands because one of these days, it’s going to have to come to that.”

It is obvious that the democrats and the current regime are pushing hate and racism down our throats but man, the level of manipulation and indoctrination on today’s youth is extreme and working better than even the democrat’s hoped for.

Being a huge advocate of people of all colors, nationalities, religions as well as political beliefs, sitting down and having an open dialogue to reach the real true issues in our nation and the factual agenda of the current regime, it is getting harder and harder to find peaceful solutions with one another.

It is as if these hate groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, do not want to unite as Americans and create ways to achieve peace with one another as citizens under the same oppressions from overreaching government and militarized law enforcement. A united voice  sound out that we want our nation back, our freedoms and rights restored as well as the chains removed from every citizen.

Breitbart continued:

Earlier in his speech, Rahim said he was ready to “dedicate my life to change.”

“Bringing about that change is not going to always be pretty, and it’s not going to be peaceful,” he predicted. “I don’t condemn who loot, I support them for looting. I support people who take matters in their own hands. If you want to set something on fire, go do that.”

Rahim said fathers are not in people’s lives because the system is killing them.

“The system is killing people every single day,” he explained. “In the courtroom, you got people locked up doing 20 years, facing life sentences, for crimes they didn’t commit.”

“How far are you willing to go for this justice?” Rahim asked.

The hubris is insulting as well as 100% wrong,  to think that only black people are under assault from government and law enforcement agencies.

People are too busy swallowing the propaganda of hate, instead of breaking free from the chains of manipulation and indoctrination.  If these kids actually were “woke”, they would see we have a problem as a united people and together, we could create change to achieve peace and unity.

With Democrats in control and the media licking their boots racism and hatred will only explode.

There will be no peace or unity ever again. It’s a pipe dream.


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God Bless.

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