BREAKING: Leaked Video Shows Liberals Planning ACID ATTACKS At Trump Inauguration- SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE


A group known as the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition is plotting criminal activities to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

These bastards are part of a coalition of at lest 75 different anarchist, socialist and communist groups from across the country converging on Washington, D.C. preparing to cause chaos at the celebration.


Many of these groups planning to attend the event were part of violent protests against Donald Trump that led to assaults against supporters and police, as well as other attacks on pro-liberty groups, Breitbart reports. One of the organizations involved has specifically reported that Donald Trump supporters are legitimate “targets” for violence.

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Project Veritas has just released a new video which uncovers the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition where they are seen and heard discussing how they plan on disrupting the “Deploraball”, a large pro-Trump event at the National Press Club in D.C. scheduled to take place the night before the inauguration.


The video below shows the leftists discussing how to get butyric acid into the ventilation systems of the building and other ways to stop the event. Besides using butyric acid, the group considered activating sprinklers or setting off fire alarms in hopes of forcing the guests outside of the building where they could then be confronted by the protesters.

From Project Veritas:


After the initial meeting, the Project Veritas journalist joined the group at Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant that is better known as the location of the Pizzagate controversy last year. The coalition members discuss the steps they would need to take to halt the Deploraball event.

The DC Anti-fascist coalition members present were Luke Kuhm, “Scott Green”, Colin Dunn, and Casey Webber.

“It would be really something if we could stop them from having the Deploraball at all,” one activist says in the video.

“If you had a pint of butyric acid, I don’t care how big the building is, it is closing…” says Luke Kuhm. “And this stuff is like very efficient, it’s very very smelly and it lasts a long time.  A little bit goes a long way,” Scott Green explained.

“Scott Green”, whose name may or may not be an alias, is a known speaker at the DC Anti-fascist coalition events, and has spoken on behalf of anti-fascist groups in the past using the same alias.

Luke Kuhm has a strong online presence under the username “lukefromdc” on various forums and activist groups.

Check it out:

YouTube video courtesy of veritasvisuals

Once Project Veritas uncovered this footage, they decided to make an unprecedented move for the organization and bring the evidence to federal law enforcement. Ben Barr, the legal representative for Project Veritas, met with anti-terrorist law enforcement and Secret Service officials.

Good job Mr. Barr.

Security will be tight for the inaugural and members of the group Bikers for Trump will also be on hand to provide extra security as well.

These scumbags are nothing but paid terrorists.

Let’s hope that law enforcement doesn’t pussyfoot around and treats these punks the way they should be- like filthy CRIMINALS.


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God Bless.

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