BREAKING: Leftist Teacher CELEBRATES ‘White Trump Supporters’ Being MASSACRED

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As reactions continue to pour in over the deadly shooting in Las Vegas Monday night, perhaps none is as disgusting as one from a proud leftist teacher, who celebrated the death of her political opposition.

The anti-Trump activist, and unfortunately someone given license to be around children, with the Twitter name “Ann #TheResistance” reacted to the deadliest shooting in American history is the most heinous manner you could ever imagine.

She tweeted, “Lots of white Trump supporters in Las Vegas at route 21 watching Jason aldean. Pray only Trumptards died! #prayforvegas.”

Of course, immediately realizing just how vile, sick, and twisted her tweet was, she deleted it, along with her entire Twitter profile. However, the Internet is forever, and there’s plenty of screen shots for us to see.

As Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars lamented, if this kind of behavior from leftists was rare, there’d be no need to report about it. The problem is that it’s not; these people are truly f-d in the head.

Naturally, such an incident caused the left to immediately start calling for more gun control.

There’s just one problem with the ignorant left’s immediate politicization of the shooting; the gun used was already illegal. It was a full-auto AK-47 or some sort of variant, which are only available to those with perfect records, after they go through a rigorous background check that takes 6-12 months to complete.

Regardless, for the left to first politicize this to attack Trump supporters then use it to push their gun control narrative is beyond sickening. These people truly have zero shame whatsoever.

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