BREAKING: Something TERRIBLE Happened To Trump’s D.C. Hotel… And LOOK Who Did It!!


The left has truly gone out of their minds, and their latest stunt to get attention has proven as much.

By now, we’re positive you’ve heard that President Trump is accused of calling third-world nations “sh-tholes” (they are) during a meeting about immigration with Republican and Democrat senators. Of Course, it was the Democrats who came out of the meeting making such claims, and according to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who was brought to tears over the remarks yet didn’t once cry during his time in a warzone where he was shot at, watched people die, and saw things most of us couldn’t ever stomach, President Trump’s “mean words” are the new “rock bottom” for his presidency.


Watch this pajama boy break down over the President’s remarks.

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CONTENT WARNING: If you have a beer or other spillable liquid near you, move it before watching the video in case of a sudden onslaught of hysterical laughter.

Okay, now take a couple of minutes to regroup yourself so you can keep reading.


Ms. Cooper’s theatrical display of faux-motion apparently caused the left to go into an absolute frenzy over the President’s comments. Keep in mind this was the same man whose bullet-ridden Humvee is on display at CNN HQ in Atlanta from his time reporting during the Iraq War – not once did he shed a tear despite seeing people blown up, being shot at, and watching as American soldiers slowly died painful deaths from irreparable wounds, yet he’s crying on national television over the President speaking the same truth the left used to justify mass migration and open borders; the countries these people come from are one step away from hell.

We’ll get to that in a minute.

But now, there’s a sudden reversal from the left, who seems to believe these nations are these exotic paradises full of incredible people (they’re not), and they’re stopping at nothing to defend their newfound position. One such example of their hysterical attempts to paint the President in a bad light happened over the weekend at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., the Daily Mail reported.

While we can give them points for the effort they put into getting revenge on President Trump, we have to take some away for lack of originality. I mean, they had a crappy projector that likely came from one of the sh-thole countries the President spoke of, and they used it to project the words “THIS PLACE IS A SH-THOLE” across the front of the building.

Not exactly original.

Have a look-see:

BREAKING: Leftists Go TOO FAR With What They Did To Trump’s D.C. Hotel, This Is INSANITY

Oh, so creative. The Trump Hotel chain is five stars across the board, and is the epitome of luxury on every level, yet these idiots really thought that projecting their stupid little message was going to make a difference?

What’s next, they going to go down to Wall Street and project “THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES” onto the side of the buildings?


The Daily Mail has more:

Trump is said to have made the remarks – which he has denied but which a US Senator who was present confirmed – at a meeting with legislators, setting off a firestorm of criticism when they became public.

‘NOT A DC RESIDENT? NEED A PLACE TO STAY? TRY OUR S***HOLE. THIS PLACE IS A S***HOLE,’ read successive messages projected over the entrance of the Trump International Hotel in central Washington, according to videos posted on social media.

A flood of grinning poop emojis then stream out of the hotel’s entrance as ‘S***HOLE’ appears in larger text above it.

Another clip shows the word ‘S***HOLE’ over the entrance along with an arrow pointing to the door.

The videos were posted on the Twitter account of Robin Bell, as well as on his website Bell Visuals, who has staged other projection protests and been likened to a ‘hit-and-run editorial writer’ by The Washington Post.

Can you get anymore juvenile? I mean, really. That’s about the dumbest sh-t I’ve ever seen – projecting derogatory messages onto the side of one of Washington’s most premier hotels just because you’re upset over the President’s choice of language. A second-grader could come up with something better than that.


Now, as for the ramifications of all of this?

These idiots are now defending the very nations they’ve been deriding for years in order to justify mass migration and open borders. They’ve told us of the deplorable living conditions, horrific violence, and terrible economies – all of which add up to being a sh-thole – for years, all so they could force unwanted immigration policies down our throats. But now that the President has said virtually the same thing they have, only in much fewer words, they’re having a meltdown and defending these nations as if there’s not a thing wrong with them (hint: there’s a lot wrong with them).

So here’s my question; how are they going to be able to push for more immigration if they’re now telling us that these nations are so glamorous and incredible there’s no reason for people to leave?

If the Republicans play their cards right (they won’t), they’d have game, set, match right now. The President set them up with the perfect serve, so if they have any stones whatsoever, they’ll spike the ball straight down the throats of these disingenuous weasels and end the debate once and for all by using their own words against them.

I mean, they’re trying to defend two positions that are completely contradictory to one another. What rational person is going to buy into either argument from them? Either the countries are hellholes that American needs to provide refuge for their people people trying to flee, or they’re not so bad and those people have no reason to leave. You can’t have it both ways.

We’ll see what happens, but my money is on the Republicans doing what the Republicans do – capitulate to the left and get nothing in return. After all, it seems to be what they’re best at, even when negotiating from a position of power.

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