WATCH As CNN Host Don Lemon And Radical Racist Black Openly Call For Blacks To Attack Cops- They Should Be LOCKED UP

What you are about to read will make your blood boil!

People need to stop allowing themselves to be manipulated and indoctrinated by mainstream media and a tyrannical regime.


CNN’s Lemon and Cornel West are so blatantly pushing racial hate as well as promoting violence against police officers.  Can you imagine if the script was flipped and cops were saying to be violent and do not allow people of color to do their jobs?  What about if white people came out saying to prevent people of color from doing their jobs?

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Check this out.

Breitbart reports that CNN anchor Don Lemon broke down crying Thursday on his show “Tonight” after his Cornel West got emotional calling for Black folk to intervene if they witness a police incident like the one that resulted in the death of George Floyd.


West said, “When you talk about brother George Perry Floyd Jr., you’re talking about a human being. About a precious son of George Perry Floyd Sr. sr. and precious Larcenia Jones Floyd. You are talking about what it means to open yourself to get beyond the stereotypes and acknowledge that for the first, nearly 100 years, America failed only question. Didn’t stay in contact with the humanity of young people. You enslaved us. You tortured us. You tried barbarized us, and we responded with making your democracy better with more love, more freedom.”


This type of mainstream media indoctrination is nothing but fuel to push citizens to turn on one another, promotes violence against law enforcement.

This is the America we have been handed since Biden took office, in a few short months we went from putting Americans first to putting Americans last and pushing people to hate each other based on the color of their skin.

How damn infuriating as well as completely against what our nations core values are, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This is all by design and it will not stop nor will it see honest opposition from any politicians.  Only “We The People” can but a stop to the hate, division and manipulation.

Breitbart continued with the comments of West:

He continued, “Do we have what it takes to really acknowledge the rich humanity of black folk to treat us fairly, like human beings? Because if not, you’re going to lose your democracy. You’re going under. You’re going fascist. If it wasn’t for Black Voters, especially Black women voters, you would have gone fascist under the gangster named Trump.

He added, “I telling you, brother, if the police can’t do it, we have to do it ourselves. I’ll tell you this, too. Let me add one thing, brother. I thought, brother George. I thought about my brother, and I thought about my father, and I thought about my grandfather. I’m not going to stand there for no 9 minutes and 29 seconds and watch somebody murder my father. No, no! Uh-uh, no, no, no. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about pacifism. I believe in nonviolence, but I’m not going to watch that kind of murder. I love my brother Charles McMillian. That is why he was crying. That what his tears were about. He felt helpless. We are not going to do that. Some of us Black folk, some of us Black men, we are not going on stand there. We are going to have to intervene in some way. You aren’t going to kill us like that, and we remain spectators.”

Lemon and Cornel West need to be investigated and detained for openly telling people to interfere with law enforcement, by physical force.

Under the Biden regime these racial manipulators have become even more emboldened and can openly carry out their manipulation and indoctrination.

One can only question why our nation is literally being destroyed right in front of our very eyes and nothing is being done to stop it.  In fact our government is pushing racial divide and importing illegal aliens and exporting American jobs.

All it would take is people to start talking to each other with open and honest dialogues to start to achieve unity and peace, THAT is the greatest fear of a tyrannical government.


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God Bless.

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