BREAKING News From Leo Terrell 2.0- Drops A Bombshell Woke Liberals Are Freaking Out About

We are seeing unprecedented amounts of mainstream media propaganda over systemic racism in our nation.  To indoctrinate the masses into believing then uniting under the left’s racism agenda.

The left gets an inch and takes a mile, they smelled a little blood in the water and have created a feeding frenzy with continuous onslaughts of “white supremacy and systemic racism”.


People need to open their eyes and realize this is all a smoke screen, lies and trash all meant to distract and indoctrinate.

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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell called out Democrats and far-left activists for overt racism and a continued discrimination against White Americans and White policemen, Fox News reports.


Terrell said on “Hannity” the posted ‘instructions’ and regulations for White individuals to access what has become George Floyd Square in Minneapolis is an “insulting” example of such.


A sign at George Floyd Square gives special instructions to white people.
Matt Finn Twitter

“That White sign that you made reference to, that sign is very, very insulting,” he said. “Basically, the extreme left has declared war on White Americans and White police officers.”

“And the Democratic leadership will not say a word because they’re in bed with extreme left,” said Terrell, a former Democrat. “That is what is going on in America. It happens not to years or four years, but it is going on 24/7, Sean Hannity.”

All you have to do is google the term, systemic racism” and you will find hundreds, thousands of websites, media articles as well as government statements, all brutally pounding their hateful agenda.

Wikipedia explains “systemic racism” as:

Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, is a form of racism that is embedded through laws within society or an organization. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education, among other issues. 

It is nothing more than words, words created to push a ludicrous racial agenda down America’s throat.  It is crystal clear that the left desires hate and division.

Fox News continued:

Terrell called it incredible that Democrats cry “systemic racism” at times when they themselves run the  systems in areas where the purported discriminatory behavior resides.

“They talk about racism. I’m a civil rights attorney. I know what systemic racism is. It does not exist in Chicago, and Los Angeles, and Baltimore,” he said. “When the people running the show are Black people and Brown people, chief of police, they only play the White officer card against a Black victim.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott are both African-American Democrats.

During the interview, fellow guest Candace Owens remarked that otherwise respected figures like Los Angeles Laker player LeBron James help “propagate a lot of these lies” — adding that the 36-year-old lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion in a majority White neighborhood and is protected by security and police officers while publicly condemning them.

“Police officers are constantly surrounding him and yet he puts out this lie. President Trump is correct to call LeBron James racist and not only that, he doesn’t care about Black people.”

The baffling part is that people choose to listen to those who push lies and indoctrination rather than listening to the few who are brave enough to speak the truth.

“We The People” need to stop allowing each other to be manipulated by mainstream media as well as the oligarchs who seek to watch our nation burn down.


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God Bless.

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