LIBERAL HACK CNN Analyst Not Sure If ‘Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez’ Is A Muslim Name… [WATCH]


We ask Allah to be pleased with us, reward us with Janna [paradise], and we seek refuge from his anger and the punishment of the Fire – Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez…



They had no problem determining Dylan Roof’s motivation IMMEDIATELY after the Charleston shooting. The motivation was racism and hatred. And he is a White supremacist. Period. After all he had a Confederate flag in one of the pictures he posted…

But these same people are calling Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez’s actions a “mystery”. No such mystery occurred when it was a white kid committed acts of evil. Funny how that works out isn’t it?

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Add to the situation you throw in the murder of Americans (military personnel to boot) and the dude follows ISIS twitter posts, it should have been easy. But lets be realistic, nothing is easy for a liberal, other than selling the body parts of the babies they kill.


CNN’s national security analyst Tom Fuentes said he wasn’t sure whether or not the Kuwaiti man who murdered four Marines and a Naval officer in Chattanooga, TN — Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez — had a “Muslim name” during the network’s live coverage of the incident.

Oh for God’s sake man, it sure as hell ain’t Irish you fricking moron!


“First of all,” Fuentes said to anchor John Berman. “I know what the name sounds like, but we don’t know that it’s a Muslim name. We know that it’s an Arabic name, but we don’t know what this individual was believing in, and that’s what they’ll be trying to determine.”

As it turns out, Abdulazeez’s personal blog had recently published two posts about radical Islam.

Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller reports:

The first post of Abdulazeez’s blog is entitled “A Prison Called Dunya.”

In it, Abdulazeez decried existence on earth, or “dunya,” and said he longed for paradise.

Here it is:

Subhnallah, this life we are living is nothing more than a test of our faith and patience. It was designed to separate the inhabitants of Paradise from the inhabitants of Hellfire, and to rank amongst them the best of the best and worst of the worst. Don’t let the society we live in deviate you from the task at hand. Take your study guide, the Quran and Sunnah, with strength and faith, and be firm as you live your short life in this prison called Dunya.

“We ask Allah to be pleased with us, reward us with Janna [paradise], and we seek refuge from his anger and the punishment of the Fire,” Abdulazeez wrote on the blog.

The second post is entitled, “Understanding Islam: The Story of the Three Blind Men.”

As Muslims, we often do this. We have a certain understanding of Islam and keep a tunnel vision of what we think Islam is. What we know is Islam and everything else is not. And we don’t have appreciation for other points of view and accept the fact that we may be missing some important parts of the religion.

Because Islam is a comprehensive religion we need to know everything from its message. The more comprehensive our knowledge of it is, the better our understanding of it will be and of what goes on around us.

Uhhh… MYSTERY SOLVED BRO! He’s a fricking MUSLIM! What an idiot…

A quote I heard recently came to mind when I saw this “news clip” if you could call it that. “Perhaps the place to start looking for a credibility gap is not in the offices of the Government in Washington but in the studios of the networks in New York!”–Spiro Agnew (1969) Fitting wouldn’t you agree?

Brainwashed and/or eagerly willing to go right along with the “it’s a religion of peace” and “returning vets and conservative Christians are a bigger threat to national security” mantra of the Obama administration. Let’s put it into perspective, this is CNN’s “National Security Adviser”. They are as brainwashed as the people reporting their liberal garbage! 



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