Washed Up Liberal HACK Rob Reiner Goes Full COMMIE On Twitter- Demands Trump Be “Removed From Office To Allow US To Heal” …


If President Trump has done one thing, he has gotten the authoritarian communist sympathizers, who call themselves ‘Democrats’,  to completely uncloak and expose their hatred for the everyday American.

The Hollywood ‘elite’ have been exposed, over and over again, as either being a part of, or refusing to do anything about, the rampant sexual abuse perpetrated on young men and women by the most powerful among them.

Now these very same people, who are the most detached from realty among us, seem to be willing to stop at nothing to over turn the election results from 2016.

‘Men’ like Rob Reiner have become so transparent in their distain for the average hard working American that is comical.


The only thing more troubling is the fact that anyone even cares what this washed up actor has to say.

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Take a look at this ‘democracy’ loving gem of a Tweet:


‘We will get through this. But unfortunately not with the help of this President. First he must be removed from the public square to let competent experts take over, then he must be removed from office to allow US to heal.’


What a Communist pile of garbage this pig is.

This is the same guy who pretends to care about Democracy. He has no interest in anything other than complete and total power and his inability to connect with the real people in this country is why Hollywood, and their communist henchmen in the Democrat party are circling the drain.

Unfortunately, the left has completely embraced these authoritarian ideals. You need to look no further than the comments on Reiner’s posts to realize this:

‘Twitter should lock him out. He’s endangering the public.’

What a liberal jackass. Biden is endangering our country you fool.

So much for ‘free speech’.

‘Imagine the work the new Pres will have to do?? I sure hope voters remember every problem here and around the world is thanks to TRUMP!’

You hear that folks? ‘Every problem here and around the world is thanks to Trump’. This is what we are dealing with. Intellectual giants.

‘He needs to resign, immediately. The damage he has done to this country is UNPRECEDENTED. Osama bin Laden could only WISH for this kind of fallout after 9/11.’

I am not the only one who thinks this clown is a complete and total joke, take a look at these responses to his Bravo Sierra:

‘When your first thought in times like this is how you can use it politically–your moral compass is really screwed up.’

I chimed in burning Meathead:


When power is all you care about, everything is an opportunity to seize more of it.

These Socialist/Communist/Democrats are mentally deranged.

President Trump is the greatest president America has ever had.

Just think about how America would have been if Hillary had won the election! We would have been the joke of the world.

Anyways, once we get this voter fraud crap out of the way and Trump is declared the winner we will be on the path to making America greater than ever.

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God Bless.

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