Liberal HACK Seth Rogen Attacked Ben Carson… AMERICA Just Gave Him A HUGE Dose Of Karma


I’ve never been a fan of Seth Rogen. He’s supposed to be funny. He isn’t. He’s a typical Hollywood idiot. Foul. Classless. Clueless. And LIBERAL AS HELL!

A few weeks ago, Rogen fired off some ‘hate tweets’ to Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.



Days later Rogen doubled down with a follow up Tweet which read “f*****g bonkers” for saying that guns make it easier to protect yourself.

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According to Breitbart, Rogen claimed he was angry at Carson for suggesting German Jews would have been able to better resist the Nazis had the government not confiscated their firearms in advance of the Holocaust.


The backlash against Rogen and his new movie, “Steve Jobs” was immediate and intense. Many people used their social media accounts to call for a boycott of the film.

Sean Brown at Mad World News reports:


Well, as many of you know, Rogen was one of the “big name” actors appearing in the movie about Apple founder Steve Jobs, titled after its subject, and the box office results for its opening weekend are in. Apparently, America collectively said “f**k you” back to Rogen.

“Steve Jobs” didn’t just bomb this weekend, it BOMBED. Although director Danny Boyle’s biopic sits in nearly 2500 theaters and was predicted to clear around $12 million, according to Deadline, by Monday the $30 million film (closer to $60 million with distribution costs) will bottom out at $7 million.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Not even close.

OUCH! By comparison, Bradley Cooper’s role in American Sniper, directed by American badass Clint Eastwood, opened in theaters clearing over a staggering $100 MILLION, and it went on to dominate for the rest of the year.

Democrats and their DC media allies vehemently disagree with Carson’s strong stance in favor of his Second Amendment civil rights. While Democrats can no longer use German Shepherds and fire hoses like their ideological brethren did 50 years, today they use social media to destroy black people who stray from the Liberal Thought Plantation.

So Mr. Rogen, keep smoking that dope and making your crappy movies. Hopefully you learned a lesson from your mistake- don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Because we Americans will bite back. You idiot.


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