*LIBERAL HYPOCRISY* Black Students Host KKK Parody Skit- Media Silent!


You can’t have it both ways…


It seems as if the youth that go to college are brain-dead nowadays.

We have liberals protesting about the American Flag, wanting areas to pray to the filthy pedophile ‘Allah’, blacks holding ‘blacks only’ meetings while bitching about racism, white idiots chanting some ridiculously racist song on a bus, not to mention all the rapes and getting so ridiculously drunk during spring break it’s really quite frightening.

I mean, some of these idiots will be running our country after we are long gone.


Now we have Blacks wearing KLU KLUX KLAN outfits doing a parody of the Will Smith film “Bad Boys II” according to the Chicago Tribune.

An incident involving Wheaton College football players who dressed up in Ku Klux Klan robes as part of a parody of the Will Smith film “Bad Boys II” has rocked the college’s campus, which already has been reeling from two other recent high-profile incidents.

The skit, which took place Feb. 28 in a campus gym during the football team’s annual offseason team-building activity, involved groups of teammates performing skits.

One group of 20 teammates, including some who are black, chose to parody several movies, including “Bad Boys II,” a 2003 Martin Lawrence and Will Smith comedy and drama that pokes fun at the KKK.

During the skit at Wheaton, the group wore Klan-style white hoods and robes and carried Confederate flags.

While those who organized the skit said it was intended to be satirical, it has outraged some on campus and provoked letters to the campus community from the evangelical Christian college’s president, Philip Ryken, organizers of the skit and two assistant football coaches who were present.

The controversy comes after two other high-profile incidents at Wheaton that have drawn headlines: the arrest of a student accused of video-recording a woman showering in a college-owned apartment and a student throwing fruit at another student who questioned Ryken at a campus event about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

If white students had done this type of thing all hell would break loose!

The incident with the Whites singing racist chants was covered on FOX as well as all liberal outlets, and rightly so.

I am white but I in no way, shape or form condone the blatant and totally unintelligent racism displayed by the white douche bags and I was glad to see FOX having the same view.

Look, the bottom line is that these kids are young. And dumb. And they don’t always think before they act. I get that- I was young once too.

But if news media is going to censor out the racism towards whites and focus only on stories that are perceived as racist against Blacks, Muslims or Mexicans then you can bet your bottom dollar we will counter with articles on the atrocities these people commit against whites as well as each other.

If you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN, a BLACK THUG or a MUSLIM terrorist AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS WILL EXPOSE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE. And if you are a WHITE CRIMINAL you will get the same treatment.

After all, it really doesn’t matter what color or race you are- if you are a pile of trash, then that is just what you are…

H/T V. Saxena


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