ALERT: As Liberal Judges BLOCK Trump’s Travel Ban, Sweden Gets HORRIBLE News About ‘Refugees’


President Donald Trump placed a moratorium on travel to seven Middle Eastern nations known to harbor terrorists and others with like mindsets, but he hit a major road block in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which blocked the executive action.

The president said that the travel restrictions, which were only to last 90 days, were so that his administration could create more thorough vetting procedures for those we allow into the country, after the Obama administration relaxed theirs to speed up the flow of migrants. However, the far-left judges on the activist court ignored statutory law granting the president the authority to regulate immigration, which placed the entire nation in danger of not only terror attacks, but other physical assaults by people from the third-world.


Take Sweden for example. The Scandinavian nation opened its doors to refugees, many of whom were military-aged males, fleeing their war-torn nations several years ago, and it turned out to be the worst mistake the country has ever made.

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In the years since it’s allowed in migrants from the East, Sweden has seen a 70 percent increase in sexual assaults against its native female population. Breitbart News reported in mid-January that nearly 2 percent of the country’s population – equivalent to roughly 129,000 people – had been victims of some form of sexual assault in 2016, which skyrocketed from just 1 percent two years prior.


Additionally, a full 13 percent of the female population no longer feels safe leaving their homes at night due to the majority of sexual assaults happening in public places. The sad part is that prior to 2014, the rate of sexual assaults had remained steady at around the 1 percent mark or under, thus providing evidence of a direct correlation between the influx of migrants and the increase in attacks.

Finland also joins Sweden in seeing an increase in assaults, with the nation experiencing over a 100 percent increase in reported attacks over the same period. Yleisradio Oy (Yle), Finland’s national public broadcaster, reported that the rate of attacks jumped from just 1.4 percent to just over 3 percent.


That’s not to mention that Germany has seen an immense rise in reported sexual assaults since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the flood gates for refugees to enter the nation. The most notorious incident dates back to New Year’s Eve of 2015, where at least 2,000 migrant men sexually assaulted at least 1,200 German women during a mass public celebration, but we’re constantly hearing other reports of assault by “refugees.”

The Ninth Circuit attempted to undermine President Trump’s claim that the nations listed in his travel restriction didn’t pose a terrorist threat to our country; however, this reporter would argue that sharp increases in sexual assaults are every bit as terrorizing as actual attacks on public spaces. While the court may claim the listed nations haven’t produced any terrorists, there’s no question of whether or not they produced men who believe it’s okay to rape women, and quite simply put, those kinds of people aren’t welcome in our country regardless of whatever activists masquerading as judges have to say.

Keeping America safe means more than preventing terror attacks; it also means not allowing in people who would rape our women, which President Trump’s order would have done. It’s just too bad the Ninth Circuit jurists are too blinded by ideology to see the reality before them.

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