Liberal Lawmaker In This State Makes A FOOL Of Himself In Anti-Freedom PUBLICITY Stunt, Check This Out


An insane, freedom hating lawmaker pulled a stunt in Nashville today in an effort to further restrict the gun rights of Tennesseans.

Rep. Mike Stewart, (Nashville-D) set up a lemonade stand in downtown Nashville on Wednesday afternoon and attempted to sell an AK-47 alongside lemonade and cookies.


All of this was in an effort for Stewart to demonstrate the ease with which a firearm can be purchased in the state of Tennessee.

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Currently, the state of Tennessee does not require background checks to govern the private sale of firearms between individuals. Stewart wants to change that, further restricting the freedoms of law-abiding citizens.

Stewart set up his lemonade stand in front of the old Ben West Library at the corner of Union Street and Polk Avenue at 7:30 the morning just as the morning rush came in with folks going to work.


Notice in the video how he states everyone in Tennessee with the exception of a few special interest groups.  Then he backs down to 80%. I am here to tell you that outside of Davidson (Nashville) and Shelby (Memphis) counties and perhaps Knox (Knoxville) county there is not a lot of support for this sort of thing.  He speaks of our freedoms as “old time, left over from days past.”

He brought with him a newly-purchased, knock-off AK-47 assault rifle to sell along with lemonade and cookies claiming that he purchased in a private sale. This stunt was so Stewart could present bill HB1319.  The bill is designed to restrict the sale or transfer of any restrict the sale or transfer of any and all firearms to a federally licensed gun dealer, thus circumventing any private sales, forcing government intrusion. This is means to force the issue of universal background checks.

Stewart states if his bill should fail, he intends to present this bill ANNUALLY until it is passed.

Image result for mike stewart tennessee universal background checks ak47 and lemonade
HB 1319 states it this way –

Firearms and Ammunition – As introduced, requires, subject to certain exemptions, a sale or transfer of a firearm to be done through a federally licensed gun dealer; creates a Class B misdemeanor offense for sales or transfers that are not conducted through a gun dealer. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13.

Tennessee ranks 23rd on gun rights according to Guns & Ammo ranking the states with 1 being the best and 50 being the worst. A lifetime concealed  carry permit is available in Tennessee. The Volunteer State has a strong Castle Doctrine statute, and black rifles and magazines are unrestricted.

My complete and total opposition to this attempt to restrict my freedoms and infringe on my rights has nothing whatsoever with me having anything to hide.  I have passed a background check and I am a concealed carry holder.  This is about the government further inserting themselves in a process they should not be part of.  A process our 2nd amendment gives us the right to participate in.  The state should not be dictating my ability to defend myself or those I love.

God Bless.

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