WHOA! You Won’t Believe What Liberal LUNATICS Now Say Is RACIST! 


If free speech is not well and truly dead in America, then it is definitely in its death throes. The idea of having an adult conversation, of disagreeing with someone’s thoughts and ideas but still defending their right to speak is mostly a lost art these days.

In a new survey from the libertarian think tank – the Cato Institute – they found that some 43 percent of Americans actually believe that supporting the free speech of someone that expresses racist viewpoints is tantamount to holding those same views yourself.  For example, those that find the views of alt-right white supremacist and advocate of “peaceful genocide” Richard Spencer abhorrent yet object to censuring his right to speak is now equivalent to have marched right alongside him and his ilk in Charlottesville according to these Americans.



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This sets up a standard of failure for everyone and overly broad, essentially making everyone a racist by this criteria.

Rep. Val Demmings (FL-D) is a black democrat serving in Florida and a retired police chief.  Her record and her conversations show her to be anything but a bigot and a racist.  Yet, had this 43% of Americans listened to a July 27th congressional hearing on free speech at college campuses, that is exactly what she would have been branded.  Demings chose to epitomize the first amendment providing security for the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups during demonstrations.Image result for 1st amendment


Demings explained her decision, stating –


“If someone or anyone had tried to harm them in any way. I would have risked my life to protect them, not because I agreed with their speech, but because I agreed with their right to speak, their right as guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

What is becoming all too common and should be especially worrisome to those of us that value our right to speak freely and to dissent from the views of the majority to form our own thoughts and ideas, is that no one is safe, apparently not even the American Civil Liberties Union. For the “crime” of defending the free speech of Milo Yiannopoulos, the ACLU would be branded a “hate group” by a sizeable chunk of the country, even though the organization has adamantly disavowed Yiannopoulos’ opinions.  They simply feel he has as much right to speak as others have to listen or choose not to.

There is an increasing call for the censorship of unpopular opinions on college campuses and it leaves the nation as a whole in a wholly dangerous position.  If people such as Demings or organizations such as the ACLU can be dismissed out of hand as “racists” simply for supporting the right of opposing viewpoints to speak freely, and this opinion about speech spreads to an even larger percentage taking hold? Then debate is dead and with it our Constitutional Republic.

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