BREAKING: Liberal Media ERUPTS At Trump Campaign Worker’s Guilty Plea, But Look at MAJOR Detail They MISSED


Financial planner and CPA George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI. Papadopoulos was one of several foreign policy advisers to President Donald Trump during his campaign.

Papadopoulos’ guilty plea was unsealed Monday after Robert Mueller’s special counsel team announced indictments against two other figures in the Trump campaign — former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his former associate, Richard Gates.


The charges were originally filed in July but unsealed today according to court records. While the left is screeching about how this PROVES Russian collusion, I say….NOT so fast. It appears Papadopoulos’ arrest has little to nothing to do with President Trump or the Trump campaign. It seems even the Mainstream Media is catching that little detail….

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Of course, lying to the FBI is exceedingly stupid….unless your last name happens to be Clinton of course in which case “laws are for peasants.”

Court documents note Papadopoulos’ full cooperation following his arrest at the end of July at Dulles International Airport.


There is speculation that the relatively light charges against Papadopoulos are simply to give Special Counsel Mueller leverage to get people higher on the food chain. Papadopoulos was in contact with a professor with connections to Russian government officials.  The professor claimed to have “dirt” on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election in the form of “thousands of emails.” Why would this not fall under “opposition research?” Oh, I forgot….it’s because he was part of the Trump campaign and not a lefty loon.

According to court documents, Papadopoulos initially told the FBI he learned this information after he became part of the Trump campaign, however, investigators state he actually met with the professor after he became a campaign advisor in March 2016 and the professor provided the information in question roughly a month later. Then at a national security meeting on March 31, 2016,  Papadopoulos mentioned to the group he had connections that could assist in arranging a meeting between Trump and Putin.


The professor put Papadopoulos in contact with another individual with connections to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a woman that claimed to be Putin’s niece but was not. Court documents in Papadopoulos’ case also reveal that despite repeated correspondence NONE of the documents name ANY Trump campaign officials that Papadopoulos was in contact with.  Nope – not even ONE! It was then indicated that the campaign was not interested in pursuing the meetings in Russia.

Even the Washington COMpost notes

“Less than a decade out of college, Papadopoulos appeared to hold little sway within the campaign, and it is unclear whether he was acting as an intermediary for the Russian government, although he told campaign officials he was.

While the emails illustrate his eagerness to strengthen the campaign’s connections to the Russian government, Papadopoulos does not spell out in them why it would be in Trump’s interest to do so. His entreaties appear to have generated more concern than excitement within the campaign, which at the time was looking to seal the Republican nomination and take on a heavily favored Hillary Clinton in the general election.”

Some speculate that Papadopoulos himself could have simply been a plant by either the left or the establishment GOP looking to infiltrate President Trump’s campaign and take it down from within.  It’s a theory with merit at this point given the origination of the now infamous Trump Dossier started with The Washington Free Beacon’s Pete Singer.  Singer is a hedge fund billionaire and major Republican donor who originally supported Marco Rubio’s bid to be the Republican nominee.  After Rubio lost to now-President Trump, Singer led a staunch effort against Trump’s securing the nomination with the GOP.

The plot continues to thicken and we continue to report.  More to come on this front as more is revealed.

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