JUST IN: Liberal PARENTS at Mass. High School Do The UNTHINKABLE To A Teen Over His SHIRT


The nation is officially going mad.

Liberals across the country have become so obsessed with stopping “hate” that they’re openly engaging in hateful activities and don’t even realize it. Aside from the fact this would normally be considered the behavior of mentally ill people, it poses a serious threat to our rights to free speech as the fascist left seeks to ban everything with which they disagree.


The latest example comes from a Massachusetts high school, where a teen wore a shirt bearing the Confederate battle flag. Parents in the district became so outraged that the school refused to do anything about the boy’s shirt that they took matters into their own hands.

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What happened next is nothing short of insanity.


From EAG News [emphasis mine]:


Last week, an Easthampton High School officials refused to punish a student who wore a Confederate flag sweatshirt to school, stating the shirt was protected free speech unless it caused a sincere disruption.


So social justice crusaders at the school and their parents staged a massive disruption on Monday to force officials to ban all clothing with images of the rebel flag, and they got exactly what they wanted, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reports.

“Today and tomorrow the Confederate flags is not going to be allowed in Easthampton High School,” Principal Kevin Burke announced over the loud-speaker as the social justice warriors gathered for a sit-in in the school’s Café Commons. “And the School Committee will be meeting tomorrow to make further determination.”

Dozens of students wore white t-shirts with the slogan #nohatehere and marched up and down the street during morning classes on Monday, then moved to the Café Commons. School officials excused student absences through noon for the event.

Several parents who attended told the media the protest was a direct response from those who don’t like the Confederate flag, and the sole purpose of the event was to create the necessary disruption to ban the symbol from the school.

“Being biracial, I fell that I need to be part of this,” sophomore Marissa Dunham told the Gazette. She participated in the tantrum with her mother, Shannon.

“I have not faced discrimination directly, but once it happens to one person it affects us all,” she said.

Senior Isabel Poirier told WWLP the goal of the protest is to ensure that all students feel “safe” at school, and she alleged many do not.

Student Isabelle Poirier, left, and Michelle LaPlante, a parent, take part in a demonstration at Easthampton High School Monday morning to show a “disruption of education” after a student had worn a Confederate flag sweatshirt to school last week. GAZETTE STAFF/Caitlin Ashworth

What the little snowflake failed to mention is how the Confederate flag injured anybody, being that it was only some screen printing on a t-shirt.

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But this is seriously getting out of hand. Destroying and/or banning historic symbols doesn’t do anything to change the history of our nation, which we should never forget if we don’t want to repeat it.

Today’s liberals resemble ISIS more and more by the day. Between wearing masks while violently attacking peaceful people, to destroying historical symbols, to silencing any and all speech they consider to be blasphemous to the liberal dogma, there’s little difference between the terror group and the leftist rejects destroying our nation.

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God Bless. Source- AFF

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