Liberal Pro-Abortion Activists ATTACK Pro-Lifers By Doing THIS Disgusting Thing…


Freedom of Silence, under the new leftist constitution, is where it seems we are heading. At American University in Washington, D.C., a Pro-life group of Republican students had their flyers taken down by Liberal students who support Planned Parenthood. Then they tweeted pictures of all the flyers in a pile along with obscene gestures.

This just proves that not everyone belongs attending college. Liberals have no respect. These scumbags are headed to a Soros funded life of professional protesting and EBT cards.

Twitchy reports: Pro-life group Students for Life of America is holding what it calls the #WomenBetrayed National Day of Student Action, but liberal opponents have already demonstrated their lack of tolerance for conflicting beliefs. College Republicans at American University last night posted flyers around campus urging the defunding of Planned Parenthood, but the flyers weren’t up for long.

This morning, though, student Tristan Justice awoke to find a tweet posted by the now-deleted AU Justice League showing a pile of the flyers torn down, complete with a middle finger.

Some, of course, applauded the AU Justice League for their “hard work.”

A worthy exit question that might have been answered more easily if the vandals hadn’t deleted their account right after bragging about denying the Students for Life their free speech rights.

So it’s back to work to spread a great message!

These idiots have zero spines. They tweet and then immediately delete the account to escape retribution. Typical liberal cowards.

It is hard to wrap my mind around the idea of supporting infanticide. The act of supporting these barbarians that sell baby parts is disgusting.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one of those blood-thirsty, moronic groups bring up RICO charges against Students For Life. The courts are stacked with leftists, the public is dumbed down, the press is overwhelmingly pro-death, and pro-big government is running rampant, so there’s no better time to finish the destruction of the country.



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God Bless.

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