Liberal Punk DISRESPECTS Veteran Asking About Military Discount, HUGE Mistake


An active duty military veteran, who served 2 tours in Afghanistan, was back in the states and decided to go to a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. He asked the cashier if they offered a military discount and was told no. He was fine with that but what happened next really ticked him off, and he let it be known!





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First of all, that lady that complained is a liberal pile of garbage.

Secondly, our brave men and women who serve our great country deserve nothing but respect. We, as a nation need to support our military heroes that have put their lives on the line to protect our rights and freedom.

When you see a veteran in the store, at the gas station, in a restaurant or ANYWHERE please let them know that they are appreciated. Pay for their meal, buy them a drink or shake their hand and thank them. They deserve it and it’s the least we can do…

(H/T  @ HRTWARMING)(H/T Sean Brown)



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  1. Earick Ward says:

    I manage a retail operation. We gladly offer a Military discount, as well as Law and Fire.
    I ALWAYS thank them for their service.

    • carole smith says:

      Thank you for that. We have been to places that advertise they offer a military or fire discount, and I ask them if they offer a police discount, and they will say “No, we don’t have anything for the police”. On behalf of my husband, thank you.

  2. jacquesdaspy says:

    I ask, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. I always get a “Thank you for your service” and an apology if they don’t offer a discount. The question gives people the opportunity to express their appreciation for the military and they like that.

  3. I’m an Aussie who lived and worked in Oklahoma for 2 and a half years. For over a year of that time, I worked in a convenience store. I used to thank any servicemen/women who came in and bought their drinks myself (my boss was a bit of a strange one). Back here in Australia, we get a few US servicemen come into my work because they are stationed at a military base a few miles away. They are all lovely people and I love talking to them and their families. I have the utmost respect for ANY serving member whether they are Australian, British, American, Gurkha or Sikh – they all fought together. My fiance is an Australian veteran and I am so proud of his service. Anyone who puts our servicemen/women down is a fool … who do they think fought for the freedoms they take for granted?

  4. I try to buy meals for military personnel as often as I can, the branch of service does not matter, tho I am a 73 year old Marine. Thanks to all those service men (that relates to the women too) that are doing active duty tours.

  5. That “lady” seems to forget that she has the “freedom of speech” due to our active and veteran military and all those who have gone before. She is blessed to live in a country where she can speak her mind. Not every woman in the world has that privilege/right, and actually can be hurt or killed for speaking out. My husband is a 21-year veteran of USAF. I am so proud of him and the sacrifices he made. He is permanently disabled due to a service related injury. I have yet to hear him say he regrets his sacrifice. We appreciate the merchants who give discounts to us. It really helps us since we live on a fixed military disability and social security. I wonder, does that “lady” have an unlimited income?

  6. Darren Wilkens says:

    Liberals are pathetic scum of the earth. They should not be allowed to breed!

  7. Darren Wilkens says:

    I’ve gone into stores that I know give military/veterans discounts. More than once I’ve gone into a store knowing perfectly well that they do this, only to have the cashier tell me they don’t. I’ve called them out on it many times and in the end, I got my discount and the cashier was either fired or suspended for not following company policy….KARMA!

    Stupid liberals!

  8. Mark A. Castillo says:

    I feel bad for veterans for being suckered into thinking they’re actually not fighting in vain. Risking their lives for nothing more than wall street. Fighting to protect America? Ha!

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