Liberal PUNKS Send DEATH THREATS To TEXAS Trump Elector, Here’s His EPIC 3-Word Response

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On December 19th, the Electoral College will meet in their respective states to officially cast their votes for President. In the state of Texas, there are 36 congressional districts and two senators. The number of electors is the sum of these two. For those who took common core math, the sum of 36 and two is 38. Therefore, Texas has 38 electors.

These electors are not bound by law to vote for Trump. They have signed an affidavit with their Party of choice promising that they would vote as a representative of the people.  In their capacity as electors, they made a commitment to vote the way the people of their state voted.  However legally speaking, they are allowed to vote however they choose.  It’s a topic that has never come up because they have never had an issue with people keeping their word.  Electors vote the will of the people because it is what they have promised they would do.  Their word clearly still means something in Texas.

The election of 1876, electing President Rutherford B. Hayes, was one of the most contentious. Hays lost the popular vote, but he defeated Samuel Tilden by one electoral vote. This a once in a lifetime occurrence though because of a deal where the 20 disputed electoral votes all went to Hays. In exchange, the Republicans promised to take federal troops out of the South and end “Reconstruction” in the former Confederacy. This election still holds the record for highest voter turnout percentage in American history at more than 80 percent.

Still, these liberal Democrats, well they aren’t used to losing because you know we can’t have winners and losers.  That might damage their self-esteem.  I guess that’s what happens when you get a participation trophy for your very existence.  So instead of being productive and moving on with their lives after Trump’s epic presidential win, these people have decided it would be a fabulous idea to threaten the lives of the electors.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Electoral College members have been deluged with death threats from embittered Democrats who want electors to break ranks.  They want people to break their promise, because clearly, your word means nothing if you are a liberal – No values, no character, and clearly no class. It’s known as a “faithless elector” and 14 states have had it happen to them. Twenty-six states have laws requiring electors to vote the way the people voted. Texas isn’t one of them.

One Texas elector is currently receiving a plethora of messages regarding his vote.  All of them are threatening death or physical harm to his person if he does not vote what Democrats consider the “right” way. At first, he laughed it off as a joke thinking it would pass, EXCEPT it hasn’t.  Now it’s just wearisome and worrisome, wondering if this is going to end.  It’s a difficult road when a bunch of  people that don’t know how to lose and will do literally whatever it takes to see Hillary in power.  But Texans are made of tough stuff and when you ask THIS elector how he feels about it?  Well, he will straight tell you – 

“When people ask me to vote for Hillary Clinton, there’s no way,” he said. “I reject the Democratic Party principles, and I reject Hillary Clinton.”

His response to these death-threateners? “You may all go to hell; I will go to Texas.”


God Bless.



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