LIBERAL Thug Spits On 12-Yr-Old Kid, Black and Hispanic TRUMP Fans Jumped In And Did THIS! [VID]


A liberal scumbag went to a Trump event to cause problems so he decided to spit on 12-year-old kid and throw ice at him. Like I said, a LIBERAL SCUMBAG.

Trump supporters, including blacks, Hispanics and others saw the incident and chased the punk down. Then they made a citizen’s arrest and detained the a hole.


Take a look at this video! Unbelievable…

Man Throws Ice At Trump Rally, Spits On Boy!

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Democrat thug gets caught spitting on a 12-yr old child and throwing objects at trump supporters and no cops to be found to arrest him.


YouTube video via The Alex Jones Channel


Here’s the liberal dirtbag. He not looking so tough now is he? (below)


For the record, the black and Hispanic-looking men were Trump supporters. (Below)


Now, if the tables were turned and the guy who spit on a kid were a Trump supporter, this would be all over MSNBC and all the other liberal news outlets. Not to mention it’s a white guy attacking blacks and Hispanics.

But it has everything to do with the fact that this doesn’t fit their narrative that Trump supporters are the ones that are violent.

Time and time again we have shown you how violent these paid protesters are. They are foul and disgusting. They stomp on our flag. They riot and cause mayhem just because they don’t like Trump.

Well, Trump is going to win and will be sitting in the White House and you liberals better prepare for some MASSIVE CHANGES in your lives. You’ll be required to work, have legal status, pee in the bathroom of your real gender, see the White House lit up in RED WHITE AND BLUE- NOT in rainbow colors. Police will be allowed to do their jobs. Children will learn American history- not Islamic indoctrination. The list goes on. But your sick little fantasy world that you’ve enjoyed under Obama is coming to an end.

God Bless.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

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