LIBERAL THUGS Beat Elderly Man At Pro-Trump Rally… That’s When The DEPLORABLES Took ACTION (Video)

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Outnumbered But Not Backing Down: Trump Supporters Marched At Berkeley

Outnumbered four to one in the epicenter of liberal waste, proud supporters of the flag and the president exercised their First Amendment rights to express their faith in Donald Trump.  

They were met with violent vitriol as ski-mask-clad assailants beat, punched, kicked and pepper sprayed the peaceful protesters.  But the protesters didn’t simply take it lying down either.

“Police reported items confiscated among the combatants were: ‘metal pipes, bats, 2x4s and pieces of wood. A group with bricks was detained, and their bricks confiscated.’”

What’s most troubling is that the supporters that arrived to spread the message of support for the current administration were completely abandoned by the officers present to keep the peace.

Several attendees complained about the lack of intervention by police officers, a complaint that was also common during the anti-Milo Berkeley riot last month.

Luckily, they anticipated this disregard of duty and came equipped with masks, helmets, and protective padding.

None of the Trump supporters were covering their faces to conceal their identity, but almost all of the anarchist of AntiFa were resorting to concealment and cowardice.

In almost every confrontation, Trump supporters were tag teamed and cold-cocked.  As some of these men–and even women–fell to the ground they were pounced on by the Marxists who continued to beat the vulnerable victims to a pulp. 

When the videos of the violence began to surface, some of the marchers that had to leave early were shocked at how violent the leftist agitators were allowed to get, one man was particularly taken aback.  While he reported he didn’t see anything as violent as the graphic images below, he did comment that he was already disgusted when it came time for him to head out:

I had left at one point and so I guess I missed that. I saw a poor elderly Asian woman though, her MAGA hat was stolen by an antifa, and they pushed her down. She was on the ground for a while not moving.”

According to reporting done by Paul Joseph Watson, the police at Berkeley were ordered to stand down.  But whomever gave the command to do so remains uncertain.  Earlier this month when a right wing speaker headed to the Berkeley campus, violent outbursts made the event a logistical impossibility and it was later revealed the police had been ordered to stand down then as well. While they eventually did send the police in to clear up the area, most of the violence had already wound down to a fizzle of its former nature.  The damage was done. Ten arrests were made.

The victims of the attacks yesterday afternoon were of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages.  An elderly man was pepper sprayed by a masked teen.

A woman was pushed over and then kicked. A boy, possibly 16 years old at most, was surrounded and he could be seen trying to square up to defend himself against likely attackers–he was blindsided with a cheap shot.


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