Liberals Are FREAKING Out After Business Owner Puts Up “Offensive Sign”… You’ll LOVE It


Lockport, ILLINOIS — A small business owner is defending a controversial sign that makes reference to transgender people outside his store after facing backlash from the local community.

The sign, posted outside Richard Tisch’s pawn shop, reads, “Help wanted — must be female from birth.”


LMAO! No trannies!!!

A butt-hurt liberal was offended and posted the picture and asked that people make the post go viral- it got a whopping 46 shares!

She wrote- “Usually I am not one to blast a business online, especially social media. But this is a local place in town. And say what you want about “freedom of speech”, this is flat out discrimination. And it’s appalling. So, #WillCountyLoanCo, I’m blasting you. Friends, share the crap out of this.

46 shares… LMAO


Some Lockport residents blasted the sign on social media, calling it a slur against the transgender community, but the man responsible told WGN-TVit’s not meant to be offensive.

Tisch said he’s not actually hiring and he’s not even serious.

“The sign is, no question, satire,” said Tisch, the owner of Will County Loan Company.

“People are just too serious. Everybody’s becoming offended in this country today. I mean, the place has gone crazy.”

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Tisch insists he’s not anti-trans or anti-anyone, except for people who can’t take a joke.


“I have nothing against transgenders, queers, gays, whatever you want to call them,” he told Patch.

What he objects to, Tisch said, is his tax dollars paying for the “elected surgery” of a military person’s “sex change.”

Other signs outside Tisch’s shop have caught the attention of the community before, such as “Become a liberal…remove half your brain” or “Hillary’s health plan — free condoms for wild Bill.”

In 2016, Tisch put up another controversial sign — this one saying, “Outhouse in the rear for transgenders.”

But his most recent message has caused the biggest stir yet.

Many people took it as a show of support for President Trump’s ban on transgender service members in the military — which Tisch, a 71-year-old retired marine, is in favor of.

A group of transgender soldiers with a combined 60 years of military service have recently filed suit against the Trump administration over the ban, Fox News reports.

That’s not to say there isn’t a grain of truth in the message from this 71-year old marine. Tisch, who served two tours in Vietnam, still pines for his beloved and underfunded corps and believes there are better uses for his tax dollars than gender-reassignment surgery.

“I’m offended because, as a taxpayer, I am paying for people who want to get a sex change in the military,” Tisch said. “That’s what I object to.”

“I don’t care what anybody does in their private life. Just don’t ask me to pay for it.”

Tisch says most of the calls he’s gotten about the sign have been positive — noting that support has come from states as far as New York.

“I will not take it down until I’m ready to take it down,” he said. “I have a right to say whatever I want to say.”

Hell yeah! Great job Mr. Tisch and all of us here at AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS thanks you for your service.

God Bless. Source- AFF

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