JUST IN: Liberals Try To Tear Down Confederate Plaque In New York- ARMY Officials Lay Down The LAW


In the last few years, Race baiters and Communists alike have come out in force in their attempts to destroy history, attempting to erase all parts of history that they deem “offensive.”  These groups either never stop to consider that history is not always pretty, in fact, some of it is downright horrific.

Yet we maintain it and learn it so that we learn it so well there will be no chance as to repeat it.  In their efforts to sanitize history from all they deem offensive they are effectively erasing portions of history dooming it to occur again.


However, it seems the U.S. Army of all entities refuses to be cowed by cries of racism and so-called “white supremacy” in refusing to scrub the names of  Confederate generals from a base in New York City.

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A group of Democrats has approached military officials asking the Army to rename a pair of streets at Fort Hamilton, in Brooklyn, which currently honoring Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The Army stated an emphatic and unequivocal, “NO!”

Diane Rendon, an official in the Army’s bureau of manpower and reserve affairs, wrote in a July 20 letter, stating –


 “After over a century, any effort to rename memorializations on Fort Hamilton would be controversial and divisive. This is contrary to the nation’s original intent in naming these streets, which was the spirit of reconciliation.”

Of course, not to be detoured Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y)  publically decried and mocked this decision, proclaiming this a victory for white supremacy.

Clarke stated –

“That ‘reconciliation’ was actually complicity by the North and the South to ignore the interests of African Americans and enforce white supremacy, effectively denying the result of the Civil War for generations.

These monuments are deeply offensive to the hundreds of thousands of Brooklyn residents and members of the armed forces stationed at Fort Hamilton whose ancestors Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson fought to hold in slavery.”


Rendon struck back stating –

“Streets on our military installations are often named for a soldier who holds a place of significance in our military history. The great generals of the Civil War, Union and Confederate, are an inextricable part of our military history. The men in question were honored on Fort Hamilton as individuals, not as representatives of any particular cause or ideology.”

General Lee was a leading Confederate General in command of the Army of Northern Virginia from 1862 to 1865.  His military tactics are STILL taught today at West Point. Lee also was NOT a slave owner.  He inherited slaves from his wife upon their marriage and promptly set them free.  He was revered by those that knew him both people of color and their white counterparts.

Stonewall Jackson served under Lee until his death following the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863. Jackson was known for beginning a literacy program in efforts to help freed slaves to learn to read and write in a period when, in the state of Virginia, teaching African-Americans to read and write was against the law.

Yet, Clarke who clearly is not a student of history in any form proclaimed via a pair of tweets, “This fight isn’t over yet. I will continue to call on [the U.S. Army] to reckon with history & remove the names of Confederate generals from Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn.”

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