Liberals Cry Because Federal Judge Rules Citizenship Requirement In Voter Registration Legal


A federal judge ruled that Kansas and Arizona are perfectly within their rights to require proof of citizenship for voter registration. It is illegal for non-citizens to vote, so this seems like a no-brianer, but the liberals are up in arms claiming it will restrict some people’s voting rights.

As to whose rights will be restricted remains to be seen. A citizenship requirement will help keep foreign nationals from voting, but they don’t have a right to vote in American elections anyways.

At issue here is whether or not states have the right to set their own voter registration requirements. Under the old way of doing things, a person merely had to sign an oath stating that they were a citizen and eligible to vote. This rarely prosecuted oath fraud was not a deterrent and did nothing to establish a person’s citizenship. Now, states like Kansas and Arizona have the right to require people to prove they are indeed citizens.

This doesn’t seem to be a huge burden, but lefties like thinks it is a “barrier to voting.”

If you can’t prove who you are, your life is extremely limited. You can’t fly, open a bank account, drive, rent a house, or a million other things normal people do everyday. It is beyond easy to get an ID that proves who you are. Most states allow the poor and indigent to get identification cards free of charge.

The folks that liberals are worried about with this ruling are the ones so far off the grid and lazy that they are unlikely to register to vote in the first place. Basically, they’re upset that a citizenship requirement will disenfranchise those who are already disenfranchised.

And it gets much worse, according to the doomsayers, because the laws in these states, as well as others, will narrow the types of IDs allowed to be used for voter registration. No longer can people present their Subway Footlong punch card as valid proof, they have to actually show a state-recognized piece of identification. manages to get in a dig at gun rights by complaining that in Texas, a college ID is no good for voter registration, but a gun permit is. Never mind the fact that any jerk can get a student ID with false information while a concealed weapons permit holder is thoroughly vetted.

The libs also like to argue against voter ID laws by falsely claiming that fraud isn’t even a widespread problem. OK, under that reasoning, assault weapons aren’t a problem either. They account for a statistically insignificant portion of crime in this country, but democrats go after them with gusto. The truth is, voter fraud is a huge problem, just not for the democrats that benefit from it.

This hysterical opposition to a simple requirement that a person be able to prove they are eligible to vote shows how messed up the democrat base really is. They have to be cajoled into voting. They need special treatment to get hem to exercise their right to vote. You never see a busload full of Republican bums being carted to the polls.

A big chunk of the democrat base are made up of people that have no interest in the political process and only vote when pressured or bribed by leftist activists. Besides loosing the illegal alien vote, democrats are worried that voter ID laws will hurt their ability to drag drug addicts, mental patients, and the homeless down to the polling place.


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