Internet ERUPTS After Liberals See What’s On President Trump’s Desk- Check This Out


President Trump has literally been working his butt off non-stop in his quest to make America greater, safer and RESPECTED again. 

Our president has done more in a week than Obama did in 8 years.


There’s no doubt that Trump is a workaholic that loves our country and will fight tirelessly to turn our country around after 8 long years of failure and destruction.

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Liberals absolutely HATE Trump and are constantly bashing him for every single damn thing says or does- including drinking a soda… Yes folks, the libs are attacking Trump for drinking a SODA while sitting at the Resolute Desk!


Okay, so check this out and then we’ll take you on a trip down memory lane. If you know any libs, be sure to cram this down their throats. I appreciate it!


Here we go:

“Trump spoke with Putin from behind his desk in the Oval Office, which was stacked high with papers and a glass of soda.”

What a freaking liberal idiot. There’s more.

This idiot. Kate Bennett from CNN:

“something you never saw during previous administration, soda on the Resolute desk”

That scumbag is a reporter? No wonder CNN is a pile of crap.

One moron wondered if there is a coaster under his glass- seriously, this is the garbage these people actually bitch about!

Yuck. I can smell her from here- NOT GOOD!

Here’s a few excellent responses from some Patriots:

Here’s where it get’s good. Trump isn’t the only one to have a beverage while working.

@KateBennett_DC Water Glass and coffee cup.maybe you should do more research before you report a story. Because we will.

Yeah, Jerry spelled ‘research’ wrong but hey- he is PISSED OFF!

Here’s more.

“.@KateBennett_DC There was during the Clinton administration. That’s a diet Coke can on the resolute desk. Stop the presses.”

Others pointed out that there was far worse things put on the desk:

@KateBennett_DC Something I saw on the Resolute desk in last administration: Feet and coffee.”

To continue on this “disrespect” for others property theme, please note Obama with his feet up on the desk!

The way that President Obama puts his feet up on the desk is like he’s deliberately disrespecting the position.??

Oh, and here’s another democrat president.

Oh and how about this?

Yeah, Obama has his stinking Muslim A*S on the desk!

WARNING– Here’s the perfect response- but it contains a cuss word that some might find offensive. 

“BILL CLINTON GOT A F**KING BLOWJOB WHILE SITTING AT THAT DESK. But yeah, Trump is probably Hitler for drinking.”

You get the idea.

These libs got SCHOOLED.

They always do though.

(h/t IJ Review)

God Bless.

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