WATCH As Car Plows Down Crowd At ANTIFA RIOT, 1 DEAD Multiple Injured


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Moments ago, a deliberate terror attack occurred at the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Bodies are lying in the streets and cries for help are filling the airwaves of America and the streams of YouTube.  This was a terror attack but it probably wasn’t done by a Muslim terrorist.

The details are still coming in, but AFF Media has secured a number of videos showing the wreckage and onslaught.  They will be provided below after a brief warning.  First, let’s give you all the details we have acquired thus far.

Earlier today, AFF Media’s Dean James reported on those horrific clashes between the extremist Left and Right.  We were appalled at the violence then as we are now.  But we never thought it would escalate to this point.

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The President, for his part, has tweeted about the fights:


Video evidence recovered so far is conclusive: this was an attack — outright and without any uncertainty. The driver intended to kill and flee the scene.

The following video is shocking but there is little graphic violence.


“Medic! Medic! Medic!”

These are the shouts you expect to hear on the battlefield or a screening of one in a cold Summer theater but they are the shouts that you are about to hear from a civilian trying to save the life of a woman who just had her legs run over by whatever monster was behind the wheel.

The film clips below are graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

Your Move, Mainstream Media

The media now has a choice. When the Muslim worshippers were targeted in London, the media members were quick to virtue-signal by labeling it instantly as a terror attack–and it was.  Of course, it couldn’t have escaped these journalists that by labeling a group that is primarily responsible for terror attacks as a victim of one they would receive a nice public PR boost.  Will they label this one the same?

It’s truly incredible that we have come to this point that’s not a stretch of that word’s definition.  I truly cannot believe that we’ve gotten to this point.

These will become the cannons firing at Ft. Sumter all over again if we aren’t careful.

God Bless.

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