JUST IN: Liberals FUMING After Rex Tillerson Reveals Who He’s Bringing On Next W.H. Trip


Rex Tillerson: Not Taking Any Liberal Baggage On Trip To Asia And We Love It!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is spicing up his role in the State Department by nixing access to the fake news institutions that have been trolling and hounding the Trump administration.  In an atypical move for the United States’ main office of diplomacy, Tillerson has ordered liberal journalists to either stay behind or fly commercial while he has allowed more respectable conservative outlets to accompany him on his travels abroad to Asia.  This is big.

Reuters was the first organization to run (with tears down their cheeks) the story just shortly after the stroke of midnight.


U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson flew to Asia accompanied by only one journalist on his aircraft, a reporter from a website founded by former Republican political operatives, in a departure from decades of practice.

Tillerson, who became the top U.S. diplomat under Republican President Donald Trump in February, traveled to Mexico and Germany last month with a small contingent of journalists, including a “pool” reporter who informed colleagues of Tillerson’s statements or actions.

The journalist on Tillerson’s plane that arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday, Erin McPike of the Independent Journal Review (IJR), was not acting as a pool reporter.

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Middle school students are like reporters.  I said that backwards.  In any case, I don’t care, you get the idea and it’s pretty damn clear.  Most of the articles on this are attacking McPike for accepting the offer from Tillerson.  It’s as if they are part of some clique and he’s dating one girl’s ex-boyfriend.  Well, none of that matters because Tillerson doesn’t seem to care that the liberals are upset.  They have been whining about this for a week and they probably thought it was a bluff. Not anymore.


Tillerson has important work to do in Asia.  North Korea is lobbing missiles like they’re practicing free throws and we have tens of thousands of troops stationed within range the midget madman.  Frankly, things aren’t looking so great and we’re starting to learn that even rocket science can be learned if you give a crazy nation enough time.

The “decades” old practice was last breached by Kissinger when he secretly went abroad to open relations with China.  Due to the nature of the press corps, Kissinger was unwilling to allow them to interfere with such a sensitive negotiation process.  It would seem that Tillerson is equally cognizant of the threat such journalists pose to these diplomatic missions and is moving to insulate himself.  If so, he follows in the footsteps of one of the most brilliant (if controversial) minds to ever run the department.  Only time will tell.


The outrage, in the meantime, is pretty fun to watch.  But we’ll keep you posted. For now, let’s just enjoy some pictures of Hillary Clinton on her diplomatic missions…getting drunk with reporters.  Did you know she has an alcohol problem?

John Miller may or may not be Donald Trump’s former publicist. We’ve given up asking.

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