BREAKING: Liberals DEMAND Conservatives Follow Their LIST For Halloween Costumes


As usual the politically correct have managed to suck the fun out of everything, turning the most inane and inconsequential of things into an issue of catastrophic proportions. Case in point is an article published in the latest issue of 1870 Magazine a student-run magazine from Ohio State University. The article features a flow-chart designed to help students determine whether their Halloween costume is racist.

The flowchart is a guide for students to ask themselves a series of questions about their costume ideas and directs them to make a determination based on their response.

“Is it politically charged?” the chart asks of varying costume ideas that pertain to “something serious.” If yes, the magazine, of course, has no limits on costumes that make fun of Donald Trump, proclaiming with no reservation to the reader to “DO IT.” Otherwise, the flowchart advises as long as you are a sexy vampire or along those lines, you should be good.

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The chart specifically directs white students in particular that they may not dress up as deceased pop star Prince, however, non-white students should feel free.  White students are also directed that ANY and ALL headwear from other cultures must be avoided, however, everyone else? Well, they should feel free to dress as they choose.


 The flowchart also asks students to ask themselves if their costume of choice “validates white supremacists,” if the answer is “yes” well then the flowchart bluntly asks “What the f**k is wrong with you? Try again.” If the answer is “No?” Well, then students must ask themselves follow-up questions including “Does it require blackface, milk, or a swastika?” and “Does it humanize inhumane people?”

If the costume is based on a meme? Well, if it derives from such a source as 4Chan or Reddit? Well, then it should make students nervous or be questioned if this is really the best choice. Now if it comes from “the wholesome memes Twitter account” well then those are just fine.


Now students are welcome to dress in what it terms as “ironically sexy” costumes such as “sexy construction worker” or  “animal of some sort,” though those dressed as animals are cautioned that their idea is fine only “as long as PETA does not catch them.”

Other students are speaking up about the victim mentality this flowchart perpetuates remarking on the creation of this “hierarchy of oppression” where students compete over who is most offended by nothing. The rules are ever changing.  There are so many as no one could possibly keep them straight while peddling victimhood as though it were some sort of contest.  They never stop to consider just how racist their OWN statements are and how for some reason these ridiculous rules are impossible for anyone to avoid breaking.

Buzzfeed even went into detail on a how-to stating –

Instead of policing what people decide to wear, how can we educate them about what makes a costume offensive? 

A lot of times you hear “It’s just a costume” as an attempt to minimize its effect on others….

We realized this was a deeper issue — it’s part of the system we live in that perpetuates stereotypes.

Keep in mind these are the same people offended by such inanities as “Merry Christmas”…..

These people really need to pull their heads out of their posterior and consider the fact that they literally do NOT have the right to be offended. An offense is taken, not given.  Someone could, and likely does take offense to anything and everything.  Some may be offended by my article for instance.  Does that mean anything? NO! There is freedom of speech and freedom of expression and the freedom to express such far outweighs personal butthurt.  There is such a thing as courtesy, tact, and respect – there are also limits and people looking for reasons to cause issue.

People really need to lighten up and realize no harm is coming from personal opinions or Halloween costumes.  There is no law or human right that demands that we need to respect and adhere to everyone’s personal preferences as long as we are not in any way physically harming them. The world is a lot crueler than that. If someone is going to have a mental breakdown over the clothes I wear, they are probably not going to last very long outside their mom’s basement which they will inevitably need to crawl out of at some point.

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