Liberals HORRIFIED After Seeing Whats Dangling Above ANTI-COP Racist Painting

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AFF reported about a piece of [garbage] art depicting police officers as pigs with guns ‘terrorizing’ a black neighborhood that is hanging inside our nation’s Capitol, thanks to Obama and his filthy race-baiting democrat morons. 

Congressman Lacy Clay is holding a ceremony to hang this painting at the US Capitol. Image credit/ Blue Lives Matter

DC police expressed outrage at the image, calling it “offensive and disgusting.”

Congressional Republicans also are ticked at the decision to display the painting in the Capitol.

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter took matters into his own hands and removed the disgusting pile of anti-cop garbage.

Liberals put it back up.


So Republicans decided to hang some ‘art’ of their own above the Dems beloved painting and it just goes to show you the difference between Conservatives and liberal trash.

Take a look.

That’s right folks! A beautiful BLUE LIVES MATTER flag! 

Now, if it were me I would burn that ugly pile of racist, cop hating crap and hang coroners photos of the police officers that have been murdered by Obama’s thugs.

Harsh but effective, don’t you think?

These liberals have become completely unhinged since Obama came into the picture.

Libs weren’t always the way they are now.

Now they are extremely foul, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-EVERYTHING that is wholesome and pure and patriotic.

These are sad days here in our beautiful country.

Thankfully Hillary lost or I fear we may have reached the point of no return.

As it sits, we have a chance to turn this mess around but it won’t be easy.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

We need to be aggressive and overpower these lunatics.

For 8 years, our elected officials have been taking it in the rear- that needs to stop NOW!

We will see what happens starting Jan. 20th but in my opinion, this is all out WAR.

They want a fight? I say we accommodate them.

They started it- let’s finish it once and for all.

God bless our heroes who have dedicated their lives to protect and serve.

Stay safe out there Blue- we have your backs 24/7.

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