Liberals Now Say Conor McGregor Is A RACIST Because He LOST To Floyd Mayweather… There’s Just One HUGE Problem


If any of you were fortunate enough to see the epic McGregor/Mayweather fight the other night you were probably glad you spent the $100 because it was one hell of a fight! 

Of course, there were some controversial moments and perhaps the most controversial moment came after the fight.


“I turned him into a Mexican tonight. He fought like a Mexican.”

Sounds pretty bad, right?

Especially when you consider that the man who said it, Conor McGregor, had already made quite a few racially insensitive comments on the media tour in the buildup to the fight itself. He at one point told Floyd Mayweather, “Dance for me, boy.” He used a stereotype to claim he’s “half-black, from the belly button down.” And so on.

But there’s an underlying explanation for McGregor’s comments after his stoppage loss to Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night – albeit one based on another stereotype.


From Mac Slavo at SHTFplan:

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After a surprisingly brutal showdown in Las Vegas last night between Mixed Martial Arts fighter Conor McGregor and undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, McGregor was quoted as saying that he turned Floyd Mayweather “into a Mexican.”

As you might have expected, the social justice crowd immediately pounced into action across the internet.

Words like racism, bigot and stereotype started flying.

But for those that know anything about boxing, the word “compliment” is more appropriate.


Now, I’ll admit that when he said that I was like”What in the hell is he saying?”

Slavo explains that the Mexican style of boxing is one that is often overly aggressive and involves a lot of punches being thrown. Mayweather, though undefeated with a record of 50-0, has long been criticized for his defensive style and low punch volume during fights.

What McGregor actually meant, though completely misconstrued by those looking for some sort of racism to grasp onto, is that the usually reserved Mayweather was forced to fight more aggressively [and throw way more punches than usual] because the Irishmen just kept coming at him.

“Wait a minute…did I hear him right??? Did he really just say “I turned him into a Mexican tonight”?! 

“Hold tf up what McGregor mean by “i turned him into a mexican tonight” ????

“I turned him into a Mexican” wtf bro @TheNotoriousMMA… For all those who say he ain’t racist, if that ain’t proof den idk

— Pariah. Pariah. (@KindredJamesArt) August 27, 2017

McGregor racist as shit for that comment lmao???????? ” I turned him into a Mexican in this fight” lmao

— Ernie D. (@ernestdeleonjr) August 27, 2017

“HAAAAAA THAT WAS THE MOST RACIST SH*T. “I turned him into a Mexican.””

But in reality… this is actually what McGregor meant:

“McGregor pays Mayweather a compliment, media fears it might be racist. What happened to my country?”  

“I turned him into a Mexican tonight,” @TheNotoriousMMAGreat compliment! It means FMJr FOUGHT for & EARNED victory. Like we do every day.”

“I turned him into a Mexican tonight. He fought like a Mexican.” THIS IS A COMPLIMENT IDIOTS HE MEANS OUR FIGHTERS ARE AGGRESSIVE”

“I turned him into a Mexican. He fought like a Mexican tonight.” Ultimate compliment in fight game. Referencing Mexican fighters toughness.

“I turned him into a Mexican ” – Conor. Us Mexicans take that as a compliment.

So there you have it.

Liberals are dead wrong once again!

Filthy scumbags.

(h/t Yahoo)

God Bless.

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