BREAKING: Liberals Now Calling For Obama To Declare MARTIAL LAW- Here’s What We Know


“Some are calling for blockades at the checkpoints around the parade route, in hopes that Trump will ride into office in front of silent, empty bleachers. Others are preparing to rove the city, supporting and defending other protesters and responding to situations as they arise. Still others are looking at blocking transportation infrastructure. Washington, DC offers countless possibilities for self-organized groups to set their own goals and choose their own targets on their own time between a wide variety of tactics and points of intervention.”  ~Crimthinc



We all know Al Sharpton and his clown ilk are planning to protest and riot, but turns out there are countless organizations that care calling for an epic day of disruption, chaos and burning down the streets.  The main goal by these groups, is martial law.  They believe if they can get martial law implemented that Obama would be forced to stay in office.  That is not how it works nor how our system of government is set up.

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Rosie O’donnel and more of the Hollywood puppets have also been calling for chaos and martial law to prevent Trump from taking office.


CrimethInc. also urges leftist protesters across the country to engage in lone-wolf style terror attacks and “pick a target and carry out an offensive strike.” It tells rioters who can’t make it to Washington D.C. to “choose their own targets” and “decorate your city in advance.”

Crimthinc tells the brainwashed puppets that this is their only chance to fight Trump while still under Obama.


“Later, when the Trump administration introduces new laws and surveillance programs and government agencies and FBI operations, it will be too late to build up momentum to resist them. We have to do that right now, while millions of people are angry, before it becomes significantly more difficult to organize. Neither hiding out in secretive closed circles nor behaving passively and obediently will keep anyone safe. If no one puts up any resistance, the crackdown will hit everyone sooner or later. The only surefire guarantee of safety is a powerful movement that can support arrestees and impose material consequences for repression.”

Ok, so these lunatics are going to throw temper tantrums and believe they can burn down a city.  Last I checked, these are the same people that need “safe places” from words because words hurt.  Now these buttercups believe they can take down America and keep the Muslim in office all the while we 2nd Amendment Patriots, do nothing.  ROFLMFAO

What does worry me are the few sociopaths that are not just believers, rather the few that believe they are the martyr’s of their generation.

These are the few who openly talk about assassination threats on Trump as well as Rape threats against Melania Trump.  Outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., a protester held up a sign saying “RAPE MELANIA,” which went viral.

My 2 cents on it all, these snowflakes are dangerous and need shut down now. My reasons are simple, they are beyond talk and truly believe in their cause.  These are not the blowhards that guzzle beer and talk like they are warfighters.  These are psycho’s who believe Trump is the antichrist and that Obama was the savior of our nation.

In blunt terms, these people will act on their threats and a few will go full crazy-train, these tiny groups that teach and preach violent action, will carry it out.   When they do, blunt force trauma needs enforced.

Source- Breitbart

God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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